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By S Vikram | Nov 01, 2019 12:23 PM

Earlier, the Tamil Nadu Government doctors strike came to an end after strong pressure from the state government. The doctors decided to agree to the terms of the government temporarily and suspended their strike today morning.

Online reservation in Odisha govt hospital for patients

Meanwhile, the latest development in Odisha's government hospital system has surfaced. According to the report by The Hindu, a computerized system has been devised to monitor the details of the patients in the hospital.

Vijay Amrutha, the IAS officer of Odisha's Ganjam district said "On behalf of Ganjam district administration, patient details will be monitored digitally without the use of papers. The plan will be followed under 'My Hospital' scheme”

“According to the scheme, patients don't have to stand in queue for their treatment as an online reservation system would be introduced. Therefore, the reserved patients will be assigned a doctor whose details will be provided online. Also, doctors could be able to prescribe medications without the use of papers and patients can purchase it under Nirbhaya scheme at free of cost,” briefed Amritha. 

Amritha further added that " As of now, the scheme has been implemented in Berhampur hospital alone and will soon be available across all the government hospital in the district of Odisha”.

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