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By Vinershea | Apr 11, 2019 12:39 PM

In a country like India with its diversified culture, we Indian tend to live with love and harmony. A perfect example for the above statement is a 27-year-old Muslim man,  Saddam Hussein, who has been taking care of a Ram Temple in Bengaluru for the past three years.

Muslim Man Saddam Hussein cleans and takes care of Ram Temple in Benga

The temple in Bengaluru's Rajajinagar area has been drawing devotees in large number recently because of Ram Navami and Saddam  Hussein. He has always been engaged in cleaning up the premises.

According to Asian News International (ANI), during Ram Navami when the temple chariot is taken out for a rally across Rajaji Nagar every year, it is Hussein's responsibility to keep it clean and well maintained.

On asking about the service towards the temple, Hussein says he finds peace of mind while working in the temple and his work has been appreciated by thousands of devotees who visit the temple on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, an office-bearer in the temple, Venkatesh Babu told ANI, "He has been working with me at my shop for over 18 years. After I was elected as an office bearer of the temple committee, I gave him the responsibility of cleaning the temple. He comes every year before Ram Navami and cleans the temple. There are no issues between Hindus and Muslims in this region. We all live in complete harmony."

Hussein told the news agency he remains dedicated to his work and is unfazed by Hindu-Muslim tension. He is happy to be on his toes to serve everyone who comes to the temple to seek blessings of Lord Ram.