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Forest ranger pose with captured python; Guess what happened next?.

A video of a python choking a forest ranger in West Bengal while onlookers were obsessed with taking selfies is being widely shared on social media. The video shows the man slinging the rock python around the neck, while in such cases the snake is stuffed in a sack and are taken away to be released.

Earlier, the ranger, along with his assistants, rushed to the Sahib Bari village in Jalpaiguri, 600 km from Kolkata, after receiving a call from the villagers about a python killing and eating a goat. They successfully caught the 18-foot snake which weighed about 40 kg.

While the forest ranger slung it around his neck, the problem started when the snake’s coils started gripping his throat from the back. He’s seen shouting for help as a runs towards him to release from the grip. While the onlookers were agitated, the forest ranger and the man managed to hold the python in a comfortable position.

While some of the villagers called the forest ranger a fool, some others also admired and called him brave. Reportedly, the snake will be released into the Baikanthapur forest near the Sahib Bari village.



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