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By S Vikram | Aug 08, 2019 10:52 PM

A drunken police officer in Maharashtra was caught in a mobile camera after he struggled to drive his two-wheeler. The incident has created a question to commoners as to how a police officer who should be supposed to protect the law and file charges against drunk and drive could involve himself in such an act.

Drunken police officer caught in camera in Maharashtra

The video shows a busy road where regular vehicles are on the go and at one corner of the road, we see a man struggling very hard to even drag his two-wheeler. It is very obvious that he is under the influence of alcohol.  A guy from the public is seen running towards the struggling man. He helps him and in the next cut, we see the man rolling near his fallen bike.

The video ends with the man crawling on the ground without being able to stand on his own. As per News 18, the man was identified as the police officer of Maharashtra. Reportedly, the whole incident was captured by an onlooker who was witnessing the struggle of the policeman.

While there are dedicated laws and charges against commuters for violating the traffic rules including DD (Drunk & Drive), the police officer’s embarrassing act might have turned the heads of his peers and could have served as an example of bad and irresponsible police behaviour.