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By S Vikram | Aug 11, 2019 03:44 PM

The backfire of an extra-marital affair has taken the life of a woman and man in Andhra Pradesh. Seetha Rani, a 37-year-old woman was brutally murdered by her affair for refusing to continue her relationship with him. The incident happened at Chittur, Andhra Pradesh. Seetha Rani’s husband is working for the Indian Army.

Andhra Man Killed Army man’s wife and ended his life too

The affair between Seetha Rani and Auto Driver Hameed started when she began sending her children to school in Hameed’s Auto. Initially, Seetha Rani and Hameed seemed to have a liking for each other. Over a period of time, both of them fell in a secret relationship which later resulted in trouble when Seetha Rani’s husband found out.

According to the reports, Seetha Rani’s husband had given multiple warnings for her to cut down the illegal relationship. But Seetha Rani refused to give up her affair with Hameed. A totally broken husband divorced her legally. Once the parents of Hameed learnt the news, they were startled and sent Hameed to Dubai for work.

Reportedly, Hameed returned from Dubai after 2 years and visited Seetha Rani at her residence on August 9 (Friday). However, Seetha Rani refused to meet him. But, Hameed had no mind to leave her and asked her to get physical with him. When she refused strongly, the agitated Hameed took a knife, killed her brutally and ran away. Later it was revealed that Hameed also ended his life by consuming poison while on the run.