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By S Vikram | Aug 09, 2019 10:45 PM

In a shocking confession, Bhimrao Sonawane, a retired DCP from Worli, Mumbai revealed how he had beaten his custodial prisoner until death. Reportedly the incident happened back in 1990 and Bhimrao has confessed his action nearly after three decades.

Mumbai ex-cop narrates 30 years before murder of prisoner

The video was recorded on the CCTV camera placed at the office of Rajendra Thakkar, a businessman and relative of Sonawane. The reports say that the video was shot in 2018. Also, Sonawane and Thakkar have a long-pending dispute over money issues. Therefore, it looks like Thakkar had submitted a written petition against Sonawane in the Bombay Court by releasing the video.

In the video, Sonawane recollects his memories on how he plotted the disposal of Gosavi’s dead body (the custodial prisoner). The translated version of his narration is given below as quoted by India Today. 

"We wanted Gosavi for a long time. Once he was brought to the police station we physically assaulted him, including on his private parts. Whenever I bring in an accused, I beat them like dogs. However, later I learnt that he died. I checked his eyes and he was dead. I informed some other officer."

"A mob of around 400 people gathered outside the police station. I parked a police van parked outside the station and trained two constables to hold Gosavi's body from both sides and move his legs in such a way that the constables supporting it walk ahead. It had to look like he is injured. Many people came asking what happened and I said he has injured himself. I had also handcuffed him so that it looked real."

Further Sonawane also narrates how a revolver was planted on Gosavi’s body to make a story that he tried to open fire at the cops and jumped from the first floor to get injured. Later, the reports were also written accordingly in the station diary and signed by senior officers. DCP Abhinash Kumar of Zone 3 Mumbai police who received the complaint has reportedly told that though there is video evidence, further actions will be taken only upon inquiry.