Review by : Malathy

Music Director : Bharadwaj
Vocals : Benny Dayal, Haricharan, Janani Bharadwaj, M.M. Abdullah & Chorus
Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar, Viveka, Thangammoorthi

Produced by M Cinema, directed by G. Muraliappas, and starring Navdeep, Madhumita, Prakash Raj, Ashish Vidhyarthy, Mallika Kapoor, Santhanam and others, this film has music by Bharadwaj who has tuned five songs for the album. Viveka, Na. Muthukumar and Thangammoorthy have penned the lyrics. The SPB number from ‘Vallamai Thaaraayo’ (by this composer) still gets requested for playing on radio!
  Solla Solla Inikkum

Rajadhiraja Illae---
Vocals: Benny Dayal & Chorus
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Some Rock, some Rap and strong notes from strings and trumpet go to make this number an explicitly ‘youthful’ one and the lyrics flow along suitably. Cannot be called an original tune, but still you end up liking it – especially the lovely tabla swirls that blend with the rapping towards the end!

Hey Azhagiya Pennae---

Vocals: Haricharan & Chorus
Lyrics: Viveka

There is an accent on the dramatic here---be it the rhythms, trumpet and sax sounds or the high-pitched rendering itself by Haricharan (a relief that no falsetto is used). The song speaks of the agony that comes along with love. Bharadwaj has deftly combined three ragas in this song---it starts off with Sivaranjani and then the first sax interlude touches upon Karaharapriya and the second deflects into Sriranjani.

Achcham Vetkam---

Vocals: Janani Bharadwaj & Chorus
Lyrics: Thangammoorthi

More than the song itself, it is the rhythm component (that has a ‘Caribbean’ touch to it) that adds ‘josh’ to this song. Obviously a dance number and the lyrics reflect the ‘have fun!’ attitude of youth. Some assertive notes again from the keyboards, strings and piped instruments.

Sakhiyye Sakhiyye---
Vocals: Benny Dayal & Chorus
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This song stands out for its lovely rhythm distribution – especially the tabla and dholak. This number has a ‘quwwali’ touch to it and what is amusing is the use of keyboards and guitar as accompaniments. And also the choice of Benny Dayal – his voice needs to be more pliable for plumbing the curvy notes of such a song. But he has put in a heartwarming effort. An interesting use of Charukesi raga here. Is that the sax that plays the glide ‘sa sa sa ni ni ni dha dha dha pa pa pa’ often?

Kadhal Oru Pallikkoodam---

Vocals: M.M. Abdullah & Chorus
Lyrics: Viveka

You need to relish this song for two things – the grin-worthy lyrics and the way the guitar and trumpet come together to bolster the native rhythms! Abdullah sounds easy on the ears. The song could find immediate resonance in the minds of the college-going kids, though the tune sounds maddeningly familiar!


Funny album, this—did you notice that there are no duets at all? Yet, it does manage to hold your attention for its chirpy rhythms and decent music. But someone who knows what Bharadwaj is capable of is likely to be slightly bemused by this ‘avatar’ of his where he does not get to display his strong musical sensibilities. One hopes the visuals add strength to the numbers.

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