Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vocals: Ilayaraja, Suvi, Andrea, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vijay Yesudas, Javed Ali, Madhusree
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Ayngaran International’s latest offering, this film is director Vishnuvardhan’s first attempt at making a love story. The lead pair-Trisha and Arya-ensures that the movie will be a ‘visual treat’ as promised by the director. This movie is supposed to be about five main characters, and how ‘Sarvam’ or everything changes in their lives under certain circumstances. A little boy by the name Rohan appears to have put in a stellar performance in the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja, flush with all his success in 2008, has done the honors as far as the music department is concerned. Five songs have been tuned by him. This movie had an

unusual audio launch at the Chennai Citi Centre recently!

Shall we check out the songs?

Adadaa Vaa---

Ilayaraja, Suvi, Andrea

An interestingly put together number from Yuvan. The male vocals alone are in Tamil and the ladies sing sexy lines in English in between. A melodic feel is given by the repetitive flute notes that go ‘sa ni ri sa ni ,ni pa dha pa--’; strong rhythms but they don’t hurt the ears. Not much use for the keys and guitar. Ilayaraja must have surely sung it with a smile! seems like the Kiravani scale.


Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Though the raga used-Natabairavi makes you recall snatches from other recent songs in this raga-especially in the music interludes, there is an earnestness about the way Yuvan has rendered, which could appeal to the young. Again one repeated phrase from the strings makes this number nice to listen to —‘sa ri ga ri ga ga ga ga, ga ri sa ni dha dha ni pa dha’. Yuvan seems to have done a Rahman here, going by the way sounds overlap the lyrics!

Sutta suriyane---
Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

Ha, ha, ha! Something about the old Ilayaraja hit ‘Megam karukkudhu’ appears to have inspired Yuvan to compose this trendy piece. Though the song itself has beats that give you an ‘army song’ feel, the lyrics seem to point out to some inner liberation. Pleasant trumpets. Watch for the soothing feel of the flute after the energetic lines ‘veesi adikkudhu kaatthu’, where the raga, Natabairavi is again revealed. The song does grow on you.

Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Now, this song stands out for the creative use of sound effects that are normally associated with forests and water. So what if it is electronic? Suitably, everything about the song is subdued- the strings, the soft rhythms and Yuvan’s singing, except when he goes up the scale with ‘maaradhe’ ‘theeradhe’ and ‘neengadhe’. The lyrics are minimal, but the yearning comes out well.

Vocals: Javed Ali, Madhusree

This duet (there is a mild ‘machan, machan’ hangover in the number) flows like a wave - the male vocals go high and the lady singer’s voice softly negotiates the descending sangatis which are faithfully echoed by the string instruments too. A mood of mild sorrow is conveyed in the song. Could be a hit for the pleasant feel it evokes.

Theme music

The theme music for the movie which comes as the background score for the recently released trailer of the movie doesn't find a place in the audio CD. It runs for two minutes and ten seconds and is an illustration of the film's theme itself---in the sense that it starts off with a jaunty spell of spanish guitars and after a minute there is a solemn change by way of harsher rhythms and pensive violin-like sounds which almost rise to a crescendo and then we have slightly jumbled notes getting aired.The end? well, Yuvan is not telling!!


For the second time (after Aegan,) Yuvan has attempted to break free of the general norms of music here and the result is rather pleasing. The album feels fresh and breezy. With relevant picturization, the songs could make an impact.

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13 B
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