Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vocals: Hari Chandran, Shankar Mahadevan , Shweta, Clinton, Nruthya, Yuvan,K.K. ,Shweta, Adnan Sami, Ranjith
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar.

Produced by Pa.Srinivasan for Vikatan Talkies and directed by M.Rajesh (debut) who has already worked with S.A.Chandrasekar as assistant. The film stars Jeeva and newcomer Anuya Bhagwat( a Pune Film Institute product) as the lead pair ,along with Santhanam and others. The director says that the film (SMS—as it is now called) will carry a message for the viewers in spite of it being another

movie that talks of the love chemistry between two youngsters.Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for the film and the album features seven songs in all( one is a repeat) with a cute number by Adnan Sami. All the lyrics have been penned by Na.Muthukumar.

MGR Illenga---

Hari Chandran &group

The song that shows up the hero for what he is. A typical freewheeling young kid with a happy-go-lucky attitude to things. The strings that go ‘pa ni sa ni pa sa’ at the start are repeated off and on. The Karaharapriya scale is revealed in the female vocal humming 3 minutes into the song. Why does the singer’s voice sound so synthetic? Robs the song of melody.

Oru Adangappidari---

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan, Shweta

Shankar Mahadevan belts out this number with a lot of stressed syllables probably to indicate the emotion of the hero trapped by his stubborn girlfriend. Fun lyrics, nothing poetic about it. The song appears based on the 2-kattai sruti but the flute playing on the keyboard feels like 1-kattai with ‘ri’ swara used as ‘sa’. The ga,ma,pa,dha swaras used stylishly on the flute indicate a touch of Charukesi raga, but one can’t be sure.Heavy rhythms.

Eppadiyo Maatikiten---
Vocals: Clinton, Nruthya

A noisy number, with strong rhythms, lot of string sounds on the keyboard and some vocal humming to complete the picture. Why did Muthukumar have to write something like this? anyway the rhythm gets to you after you listen to it a couple of times. For all you know, could end up being liked by youngsters!

Oru Kal---
Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Now, this is the Muthukumar we would like to hear—what a nice imagery—‘oru kal oru kannadi udayamal modhikkondal---‘. The opening string pieces as well as the musical interludes are flowing and have a ‘yearn’ feel about them. The repeated guitar sounds that go’sa ga ri ga ri ni sa -----sa sa ni dha pa’are quite catchy. Yuvan needs to polish his vocal expression.

Thithikkum Theeyai---
Vocals: K.K. ,Shweta

A lot of thought has gone behind composing music for this song which is,again, a dramatic piece from Muthukumar. When the male sings, you hear robust,passionate drum sounds and when Shweta whispers her passages, you hear cascading string sounds which are infectious. Seems to be set in the Kiravani scale. Watch how the music slows down before ‘kaamam enbadhu katthiyai pola’, recalling a ‘roop tera mastana’ feel.

Oru Kal---
Vocals: Adnan Sami

Very bravely executed by Adnan Sami, considering the packed lyrics. He also brings delicate ‘sufi-style’ nuances into the sangatis as he sings. This song is almost a repeat of song no.4 with the end bit of music cut out.

Oru Paarvaiyil---
Vocals: Ranjith

A short sweet piece that talks of the melting effect of love all strings of course. Does Ranjith use a false voice? He sounds better in his natural pitch.


This is an uneven album with some clap-worthy stuff mixed with banal ones. If the storyline is strong and the acting lively, the songs could catch up. The album of course caters to the youth sentiments and the songs look ornamental. Sadly there is a repetitive feel where rhythms are concerned. But overall, an album worth giving a shot!

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