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Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Vidyasagar
Vocals : K K, Jassie Gift, Madhu Balakrishnan, Sadhana Sargam, Sonia Irabar, Sianed Jones, Shalini, Megha, Feji, Suvi.
Lyrics : Vairamuthu

Produced by Ayngaran International Films (P) Ltd; and directed by S.P.Jananathan, this movie has Jayam Ravi donning the role of a Forest Officer with the Indian Government, who is also a trekking expert. He selects five promising girl cadets for NCC training and takes them deep inside a forest for the purpose. But there they stumble across a sinister group of 16 foreigners armed with guns. How they carefully outwit them seems to form the rest of the story. Jayam Ravi has really shaped up well for his part, going by the stills we see. Vadivelu, Ponvannan, Oorvashi, Saranya, Vasundara, Varsha, Tanusika and Liyasree feature too. We have an Austrian actor Roland Kickinger making his debut here. An elephant (!) is also supposed to play a role in the movie! Vairamuthu pens the lyrics and Vidyasagar handles the music department.

Kattu Puli Adicchu---
Vocals: K K, Jassie Gift.

This is a crisp neat number, so in tune with the story environment. The rich percussive rhythms, the folksy use of Sankarabaranam raga notes, and the minimal use of flute and strings all add up nicely. Talks with great pride about the virgin unspoilt forest land and its naïve people. Does grow on you.

Kaadu Kalai Katta---

Vocals: Madhu Balakrishnan.

The purposeful, strident background music and the fierce motivational lyrics point to strong visuals. You hear a different Madhu Balakrishnan here, breathing fire, so to speak, though he struggles a bit for breath at one or two places. Apparently built on the Mayamalava scale, this song eases its tempo towards the end when it moves on a softer jubilant tempo. The song could hit the charts briefly.

Yaerathaazha Ezhu Mani---
Vocals: Sadhana Sargam.

The keyboard sangatis are so soft, the strings are pleasant and Sadhana articulates well, but why does this song fall flat? Is it because of the rather abstruse lyrics? And the use of two ‘ma’ swaras and two’ni’ swaras( appears to be Sankarabaranam again) does nothing to the song too!

When the Boys---
Vocals: Sonia Irabar, Sianed Jones.

Yes, this song has an IndiPop feel to it but watch how easily it jells with the other songs in the album. The background music is uncomplicated and minimal. Who said music needs to be complex? The repeated Natabairavi notes that go ‘sa sa ri gaa sa, sa sa ri gaa sa’ adds gaiety.

Thuppakki Pennae---
Vocals: Shalini, Megha, Feji, Suvi.

This is quite a breezy number, with its cool western adaptation of the Charukesi raga. The notes that go ‘sa ri ni; sa ni’ and ‘sa ni sa ni sa ni,sa ri ga ri sa ni’ when the singer goes ’kondadu, koothaadu’ are so cute. The lyrics lay stress on girl power. With taut visuals, it could be relished by youngsters.


Vidyasagar has handled the rhythm factor very sensibly here. All songs have an organic unity with the theme of the story itself. It is heartening to see how he tailors his music to suit each film. You can’t classify this album as a ‘must listen’, but a true music lover can certainly relish the overall feel.
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