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Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Sundar C Babu
Vocals : Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Saradhy, Naresh Iyer, M.M.Srilekha, Suchitra, Karthik, Sadhana Sargam.
Lyrics : Kavivarman, Vaali, Thamarai, Annamalai.

Produced by D.Varadh and Sumathi Kalyanakumar and directed by Naga Venkatesh, this film stars Pradeep, Bala, Pawan, Monica and Keerthi Chawla along with others. A novel of the well-known crime –fiction writer Rajeshkumar has been adopted for this movie. Sundar.C.Babu scores the music for this and the album has four songs, one remix and two instrumental pieces.

Agarathi Theme---

Instrumental- A soft opening that moves at a steady pace and picks up just a wee bit towards the end. Doesn’t generate any specific emotion.

Aynthadi Uyara Poochediyae---
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan, Sunitha Saradhy
Lyrics: Annamalai.

This song attempts to be hip but somehow falls flat. Shankar Mahadevan tries his best to infuse life into this song with his spirited rendering. The interludes are fashionably noisy! The vocal humming before the second charanam alone is a saving grace.

Pachaikili Rendu---

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, M.M.Srilekha.
Lyrics: Kavivarman.

A ‘Pasamalar’ type of song that sings of love and affection between siblings. Interestingly, the composer has used the ‘pa’ swara of 1-kattai sruti as the base ‘sa’ note here and so we hear Hindolam raga instead of Suddha Danyasi. The native drum sounds are etched so neatly into the song well sung by both.( Naresh has landed a Filmfare award recently for his ‘Munthinam Parthaene’).

Mukkona Simhasanam---

Vocals: Suchitra.
Lyrics: Vaali.

Well, well, this Vakulabaranam raga-based number gives you a sense of ‘deja-vu’ as you listen to it. Suchitra’s cheery singing and some funky interludes add colour. And the lyrics? Oh, dear!

Vaanam Enbadhe Ellai---
Karthik, Sadhana Sargam.

Lyrics: Thamarai.

Thamarai’s lyrics come as a pleasant relief after all the inane ones that go before! A song that gives vent to the soaring imagination of the exploring heart. The beats too suitably reflect the ‘chug-chug’ of travel. Both the experienced singers come together so well. Again here we have Sundar planning the song with 1-kattai ‘ma’ swara as ‘sa’ and taking off. So we hear Harikamboji raga for Karaharapriya.

Love Theme’ Femina’ Instrumental---

A soft ensemble of strings and keyboards, this piece has a mild haunting movement.

Mukkona Simhasanam- Club Mix.---
Master Salim

More stylishly and tightly packed than the original one and could have a shot at the Top Ten.


The album does not hold your interest in a sustained manner primarily because the music comes across as a little stiff. It is high time Sundar.C.Babu worked on strengthening his unique creative talents.
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