Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Vocals : Karthik, Harini, Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunadhan, Andrea, Benny Dayal, Unnikrishnan, Chinmayee, Mega, Suvisuresh,Sandhya, Sricharan, Mano.
Lyrics : Vaali, Kabilan, Na.Muthukumar, Thamarai, Pa.Vijay

Produced by Red Giant Movies( Udayanidhi Stalin) and directed by K.S.Ravikumar , this movie, shot on expensive locales, has a huge star cast comprising of Surya, Nayanthara, Saroja devi, Rahul Dev, Vadivelu, Ramesh Khanna, Sayaji Shinde,Anand Babu and Nasser along with others. After Vaaranam Aayiram and Ayan, this is one film that both Surya and music composer Harris Jayaraj are looking forward to very eagerly! In fact Harris’ Dhaam Dhoom album still continues to sell well. He has tuned music for six songs here.

Hasili Fisiliyae---
Vocals: Karthik, Harini.
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A love duet that moves along on an attractively unhurried rhythm and looks as if based on the Karaharapriya scale. Karthik and Harini bring richness to the rendition. There is a generous amount of rap in between, composed and sung by Dr.Burn and Maya. The ‘sa ni sa’ and ‘ni sa ni sa’ notes
coming often sound gentle. This song is supposed to have been shot in South Africa.

Yeno Yeno Panithuli---
Vocals: Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunadhan, Andrea.
Lyrics: Thamarai

This soft ‘Pop’ feel number has beats similar to the first song. Built on the Natabairavi scale, the song sustains our interest mainly through its flowing guitar bits and the cute sax bit that goes’ pa ma ga maa ga ri ri sa’ and winds up at the top, going ‘ga ma pa dha ni sa---‘.Sudha’s voice contrasts sweetly with Andrea. This number too is supposed to have been shot in Iceland (wow!)


Damakku Damakku---

Vocals: Benny Dayal.
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

A couple of ‘Ayan’ numbers cross your mind as you listen to this, but anyway this song has charming calypso-like rhythms and some soothing harmonica notes that add up to a possible hit. And Benny’s infectious vocals deserve mention. The song has a kind of rakish appeal.

Vaarayo Vaarayo---
Unnikrishnan, Chinmayee, Mega.

Lyrics: Kabilan

The seductive touches in this flowing love duet come mainly from the lovely guitars, sax that goes lazily’ sa ri ga maa—ga ri ga saa---‘and so on, and the soft piano notes. Plus of course the melodious voice of Unni who breezes through the song. Chinmayee keeps good pace with him and Mega adds lovely operatic touches with her smooth voice that simply swirls around! Is that the cello that we hear in the second interlude before Mega and towards the end? So alluring! The trite lyrics alone disappoint you.

Dekho Dekho---
Suvisuresh, Sandhya, Sricharan( Rap voice & lyrics).
Lyrics: Vaali

A modern twist to the ‘Vanjikkottai Vaaliban’ scenario? This song seems to portray a tussle on stage between a very feminine lady and a hip modern dame, going by the lyrics. Very interesting rhythm patterns we have here. Notice how subtly the music veers towards soft subtlety when the singer goes ‘menmai kalandhal’ and ‘tatthi kudhicchu’ where lovely sitar notes roll through the swaras! Do we hear the gottu vadhyam when the lady sings ’ey, naughty auntie’? Can’t be sure, but a lively touch there! This number is supposed to have the entire cast in it!

Maasi Maasi---
Mano, Mega.
Lyrics: Vaali

The percussion sounds and other minute instrumental sounds have been captured with such perfection in this song. That alone makes it worthwhile to listen to. The raga (appears to be Vakulabaranam based) and the tune is nothing new. One feels nostalgic listening to Mano. Mega is a delight.


There is a lot of technical finesse to this album, as is wont with Harris Jayaraj. What surprises us here is the banality of the lyrics! One would have expected better lyrics from all these songwriters! Conscious usage of various instruments adds its own appeal to any album. Which is what we see here.

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