Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Satish Chakravarthy
Vocals : Satish Chakravarthi, Shreya Ghosal, Benny Dayal, Haricharan, Marrianne Sunitha Saradhy, Suvi, Leon James.
Lyrics : Satish Chakravarthi, Vaali, Pa.Vijay.

Produced by R Films, directed by Andrew Lewis, this film stars Shiva Pandit (remember him in IPL ‘ Extra Innings’ presentation?) and Mansi Parekh along with Santhanam and Pramod Madhavan. The film is ostensibly about budding love between two software professionals and appears to have been shot in HCL premises. Interestingly, Satish Chakravarthy (remember his’ Pappu Can’t Dance?’) scores the music for this album which has five songs and one Reprise. How has he fared?.

Jillenru Oru---
Vocals: Satish Chakravarthi.
Lyrics: Satish Chakravarthi

A rather pleasant number that floats along smoothly to the accompaniment of guitars and keyboard sounds. The singer’s voice has a rich timbre. The song seems conceived on the Kiravani raga scale. Is the pallavi repeated too often?

Oru Kili Oru Kili---
Vocals: Shreya Ghosal, Satish Chakravarthy.
Lyrics: Vaali

Such compact lyrics! Especially the lines’poigai pol kidanthaval, paarvai ennum kallerinthai’. This song stands out for the suggestive use of the Sarasangi raga, the sweet notes of the sitar in the first and the lovely overlapping of the viola and dilruba notes in the second charanam resp. and the deep rolling rhythms of the tabla that just about whispers. Could visit the charts soon.

Ponmalai Pozhudhu---

Vocals: Benny Dayal.
Lyrics: Satish Chakravarthy

A differently textured song which breezes along through the notes of both Mohanam and Harikamboji ragas. Sung with touching gusto by Benny. Very lovingly used guitars here. Listen to how the instruments go behind the words ‘mudivae illatha azhago azhagu’. Could be liked well by the youngsters.

Unnai Partha Pinbu---
Haricharan, Marrianne.

Lyrics: Vaali

Haricharan adds a lot of polish to this Kiravani raga based song with his nuanced use of the swaras ‘ga ri ga ri ga’, ‘ri sa ri sa ri’ and also the delightful ’ri sa ni sa ri ga ri sa ni’( illai enru athai enna thonruthu). A judicious use of stringed instruments conveys a subtle sorrow that springs out of a lovers’ quarrel. The song itself recalls an old Ilayaraja hit.

Bubble Gum---
Benny Dayal, Sunitha Saradhy, Suvi, Leon James.
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A lighthearted dance number with lots of rap, a bit of desi rap too! Fun lyrics, oh yeah! Grows on you after you listen to it a couple of times.

Oru Kili Oru Kili( Reprise) ---
Satish Chakravarthy.

A repeat of the earlier song but only with gentle strings accompanying it. Well sung.


A pleasant surprise, this album. Never mind the fact that a couple of songs have a ‘hindi’ film song touch to them. A freer exercise of his creativity and a little more fine-tuning in background music is all this young man needs! Let us give him a happy welcome.
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