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Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vocals : Blaaze, Neha Bhasin, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ustad Sultan Khan, Ameer, Snehan, Jijuba, Naveen.
Lyrics : Snehan

Produced by Ameer (Teamwork Production House),directed by Subramaniya Shiva (Thiruda Thirudi) and starring Ameer, Madhumita, Swathi, Ponvannan, Vincent Asokan, and Kanjakaruppu along with others, this film has Yuvan Shankar Raja composing music for it. There are three songs, two instrumental bits and one remix. Snehan has penned the lyrics. Ameer turns actor here.

Yogi Yogi Thaan---
Vocals: Blaaze, Neha Bhasin.

Heavy Metal? Electronica? Rap? You get to hear a bit of everything in this outlandish number by Yuvan. A bit harsh on the ears, but surprisingly you get to like it after you listen to it a couple of times. With impressive backing visuals this song could stand up!

A new attempt.

Yaarodu Yaaro---
Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ustad Sultan Khan.

A song that that captures the sudden flowering of softer sentiments in the heart of a hard-hearted man. The varied feelings rocking him are suitably portrayed by the delicate sarangi sounds and the lovely tentative sounding percussive rhythms. Charukesi raga is indicated, especially in the flute bit that goes ’rii-ma-ga-sa; ri-pa; dha-ma-ga-ri---‘. Yuvan sings with a feel for the lyrics, with the Ustad doing the humming.

Yogi Theme in Saarangi---

This piece also follows the earlier song basically, but look how subtly Yuvan has varied the percussive rhythms and the strings. The quirky saarangi notes are so poignant. Tugs at your heart, this.

Sirmevum Koovatthulae---

Vocals: Ameer, Snehan, Jijuba, Naveen

Oh, golly! This is a percussion lover’s delight. What starts off like a preamble to a ‘therukkootthu’ takes off at a different level from the lines ‘yogyan yogi naaney’ , reminding you of the classic street theatre bit from ‘Navarathri’ starring Sivaji Ganesan and Savithri! Certainly a bit of a parody, its appeal could well lie in relevant picturization. The fine use of native percussion instruments deserves mention.

Yogi Theme Music---

Though this piece reminds you of ‘vaarai nee vaarai’, the old Aberi raga hit, it is still a neat jaunty number. Pleasant use of strings and flute.

Yogi Yogi Thaan-Version- 2---

Well, isn’t song no.1 ear-splitting enough? Do you really need this?


Yuvan’s penchant for percussive effects is evident again in this album. Funnily, this album seems to laugh at itself in places—odd! After Aegan, Yuvan springs a similar surprise on us here. It all depends on how Ameer is going to translate it on screen.
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