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Review by : Malathy Sundaram

Music Director : Sundar. C. Babu
Vocals : Shankar Mahadevan, P.P. Venkat, Karthik, Ranjini, Jose, Naresh Iyer, Vijitha, Ranjith, Sayanora.
Lyrics : Eknath, V. Ilango, Viveka.

Produced by T Creations and directed by Thirumalai (of ‘Thee Nagar’ fame), this movie stars Shaam and Meenakshi in the lead roles. The crew of this movie had a frightening experience of being trapped on the high seas for three hours after their cruise boat had an engine failure off Malaysia. Sundar. C. Babu ,fresh from his ‘Naadodigal’ success, scores music for this album which has five songs apart from its Theme Music bit.

Orey Oru Ooru---
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan.
Lyrics: Eknath

A simple ode to the innocent pleasures that village life unfailingly provides. The rhythm pattern reminds you of a cart ride and a light, folksy use of Harikamboji raga scale (especially the ‘sa ri ma ga ri sa----ri sa paa of flute) is appropriate to the lyrics. Shankar Mahadevan is a bit subdued.

Oru Mani Rendu Mani---
Vocals: P.P. Venkat
Lyrics: V. Ilango

  Agam Puram
Can the mere prosaic running of a clock lead one to write such suggestive, tasteless lyrics? Judge it yourself! What adds cheer to this folk song, thankfully, is the sparkling use of Sankarabaranam raga notes that go ‘sa ri ga maa ga ma ga ri ga ri saa’ one minute into the song and the descending notes later on. Sharp rhythms here. Do you know P.P. Venkat works for Reliance as VP?

Kangalai Paritthidum---

Vocals: Karthik, Ranjini, Jose.
Lyrics: Viveka

When you ignore the fact that this is not an original tune, you end up liking it. Mainly for Karthik’s beautifully modulated rendering. Ranjini’s voice range is quite good, but the shrillness hurts your ears. An interesting variation is given to the Karaharapriya scale by the use of the big and small ‘ga’ notes when the singer goes ‘ivalaa, ivalaa.’ Nice to hear harmonica notes.

Kangal Modhi---

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Vijitha.
Lyrics: Eknath

This song runs mostly on the repeated notes ‘paa ma paa ma---pa dha ni dha pa; maa ga maa ga ---ma pa dha pa maa; gaa ri gaa ri---ga ma pa ma ga; pa ni ri gaa---‘on the Kiravani scale. The repeated humming of these notes adds softness to the song. Could be relished for its feel.

Kattil Mel---
Ranjith, Sayanora.

Lyrics: V. Ilango

A hip-hop number that oozes desire. It sounds quite similar to many such numbers, but is still a tad different maybe because Sayanora’s voice adds certain raunchiness to it. May or may not be appreciated, depending on the mood of the listener.

Theme Music: Instruments---

Subtle changes in rhythms suggest different moods - the notes (we hear Kiravani again, it appears) are strident and hint at suspense.


Has Sundar. C. Babu let himself down here somewhat? The music is a bit on the edge and very keyboard oriented. The rhythms are lovely and he seems to have a penchant for folksy ones. But considering his lineage, we have a right to expect more from him.
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