Review by : Malathy

Music Director : Vijay Antony
Vocals : Prasanna, Janaki Iyer, Vijay Antony, Benny Dayal, M.K. Balaji, Sheba, Maya, Ramya, Koushik & chorus
Lyrics : Kalaikumar, Annamalai, Priyan, Sheba, Prabha

Produced by Gemini Films and directed by newcomer G.N.R. Kumaravelan, this film is the remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Classmates’. Prithivi Raj and Priyamani play the lead roles and we have Bhagyaraj, Karthik Kumar, Anuja Iyer, and Sakthi Vasu accompanying them. The music for the movie has been scored by Vijay Antony.
  Ninaithale Inikkum

Azhagai Pookuthe---
Vocals: Prasanna, Janaki Iyer
Lyrics: Kalaikumar

There is a soft, petal-like feel to this Kiravani raga-based number. The piano-like notes that go ‘pa sa dha pa pa ni ri ni ma pa ma pa dha pa’--- and so on and the strings and the flute, along with the bass guitar, all float around the lyrics so subtly. And the vocal humming by both the singers in the charanams adds to the ‘Mmm— ’effect.

Pia Pia---

Vocals: Vijay Antony & chorus
Lyrics: Annamalai

All keyboards and drums, this song but tasteful sound mixing stops it from slipping down into noisy nonsense. Has a ‘baila’ song like rhythm, and is typical Vijay Antony stuff. Could be liked for its flirty lyrics

Nanbanai Paartha---

Vocals: Benny Dayal & chorus
Lyrics: Annamalai

A song that is an ode to the carefree life of college-goers. Built on the Sankarabaranam raga scale, it has a suitable western touch to it that makes it feel like a Pop number. Good inputs from the strings , keyboard and – yes, the flute especially when it goes breathlessly ‘sa ri sa ni sa ri sa ni’ three minutes into the song. Benny Dayal needs to polish his Tamil words here and there (dhedhi doesn’t sound good). Could be liked by the youth.

Sexy Lady---
Vocals: M.K. Balaji, Sheba, Maya, Ramya & chorus
Lyrics: Priyan

Well, the drums sound sexier than the song itself! The ‘urumi melam’ like sounds amuse you. Balaji has sung with gusto. This number, with a very slight ‘Arabian’ touch to it, appears to be in Mayamalavagowla raga, where the notes ‘ma, pa, dha, ni’ seem to figure often but not ‘sa ri ga’. Could climb the charts.


Vocals: Sheba & chorus
Lyrics: Sheba

A tiny blues-style piece about college life, to the accompaniment of guitar.

Vocals: Vijay Antony & chorus
Lyrics: Annamalai

This song is a bit of a yawn, because it carries a clear influence of some of Antony’s old numbers. Even the rhythm is predictable.

Naatkal Nagarndhu---
Vocals: Koushik & chorus
Lyrics: Prabha

A cute little piece in Madhyama shruti, touching upon what looks like Ahirbairav raga. The title song, so to speak. Haunting rhythms.


Good sound mixing, but nothing to make you sit up and say ‘Ahhh’. The album is pleasant to listen to but funnily you don’t feel like humming the tunes (except the first one) afterwards. The lyrics are somewhat insipid.

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