Review by : Malathy

Music Director : Vijay Bharathi
Vocals : Madhu Balakrishnan, Mukesh, K.S.Kanthi Kumar, Sangeetha, V K Karna, Unnikrishnan, Roshni, Krishnaraj & chorus.
Lyrics : Sathaji, Viveka.

Produced by V.A.Durai of ‘Pithamagan’ fame, this movie has Sathaji directing it and penning some lyrics too. It stars Nicole with newcomers Selvin, Sasha Sri (from Malaysia) and Suri (the Paratha guy from Vennila Kabadi kuzhu) along with others. The music department is being handled by Vijay Bharathi, a Kannada music director, who debuts in Tamil with this film. There are six songs in the album.
  Naai Kutty

Vocals: Madhu Balakrishnan
Lyrics: Sathaji

A soft lullaby from Madhu this time. It bemoans the absence of relatives all around to take care of the newborn girl. Deep rhythms, barely audible vocal humming, and gentle strings (especially the dilruba-like notes) all come together in this song which seems to touch upon Chakravaha ragam.

Adichhi Pottaa---

Vocals: Mukesh
Lyrics: Sathaji

A rustic, but fun number again from Mukesh this time (remember ‘where is the party’?) that takes a lighthearted look at the goings-on inside a wine shop. What needs to be relished here is the rhythm component, especially when it subtly changes when ‘mama’ is mentioned! Could hover a bit on the charts for its ‘fun’ feel.

Eppo Paarthaeno---
Vocals: K.S.Kanthi Kumar, Sangeetha.
Lyrics: Viveka

This is a breezy number with a slight ‘retro’ feel to it. The gaily tripping music interludes (mainly the flute and violins) and the smooth tabla rhythms impart a pleasant feel to the song. Grows on you as you listen to it, though it cannot be called an original tune. The male singer’s sruti wobbles slightly!

Johnny Walker---

Vocals: V.K.Karna
Lyrics: Sathaji

Nothing special about this ‘kuthu’ paattu the kind of which we have heard from Deva many times before. Presents a neat list of Brews, by the way!

Kola Kolaiya---
Vocals: Unnikrishnan, Roshni
Lyrics: Viveka

There is such an assuredness about Unnikrishnan’s rendering that makes us long for more from him. This Charukesi raga-based number oozes seduction, be it the lyrics, the fluttering flute notes or the flitting keyboard sounds. The lady singer too is good. Unni’s magic may elevate this song to the top ten on the charts.

Kaadhalile Pengalukku---
Vocals: Krishnaraj & chorus
Lyrics: Viveka

Ha, ha, ha! Bangalore Ramani Ammal must be turning in her grave! Viveka has reduced her song ’Kunratthile kumaranukku’ to a parody on the plight of love-plagued boys catering to the expensive tastes of their girlfriends. Delightfully clear articulation from Krishnaraj. Don’t miss out the fun ‘whirring’ beats of the thavil at places


This album doesn’t shout from the rooftops, of course. But it is pleasant, neat and functional, probably falling well in line with the storyline. It does have a slightly ‘dated’ feel about it. We welcome Vijay Bharathi.

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