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veppam-music-review VEPPAM MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : C. Karthik

Starring: Nani, Karthik Kumar, Bindu Madhavi, Nithya Menon
Direction: Anjana Ali Khan
Music: Joshua Sridhar
Production: Gautham Menon,Madhan Kumar,jayaraman,venkat
Vocals: Clinton, Shweta, Suzanne, Benny, Karthik, Sricharan, Apoorva
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

Veppam is Gautham Vasudev Menon's assistant Anjana Ali Khan's debut venture and has an ensemble cast of Nani, Karthik Kumar and Bindhu Madhavi. Produced by Photon Kathaas, Veppam is a rugged city-based story and has music scored by Joshua Sridhar. The audio of Veppam was launched recently and we are quite inquisitive about what the album has in store.

Oru Devadai...  
Clinton, Shweta

Pleasant strums welcome you to listen to Clinton and Shweta's Oru Devadai. The use of guitar is seen throughout the song and is quite refreshing to hear. Shweta's voice is like a whiff of fresh air. Though Joshua gives a rock-like touch to the song, it does not disturb the base rhythm. A nice start to the album!

Mazhai Varum...  

Vocals: Suzanne

Mazhai Varum is a breezy number sung by Suzanne. This song is about the pain and the deep memories of the loved one experienced during solitude. Na. Muthukumar is at his best in this song with thoughts like "Naan kettadhu azhagiya nerangal... yaar thanthadhu vizhiyinil eerangal". The violins at the background and in the brief interlude are just mesmerizing. A treat to melody lovers!

The same song has been sung by Naresh later in the album. There is nothing much to differentiate between the two except for their voices. The song is sure to be aired frequently on FM on all romance-based shows! A double thumbs up for this one.

Vocals: Benny

Minnala is a motivational song targeted at the youth! Minnala pudikira vayasu idhu... megathil parakira vayasidhu.. Oh yes! With different sounds and a neat rhythm, Joshua keeps us engaged throughout the song. Benny's voice and the ease with which he sings this one is worth mentioning too. With well paced beats, youthful and neat lyrics Minnala could well prove to be the underdog of the album!

Kaatril Eeram...  
Vocals: Karthik, Sricharan

A distinct voice of Karthik can be heard with that of Haricharan's in this song. It is quite interesting to listen to the subdued performance of both the vocalists which takes this song above average. Couple that with mellowed beats and strums, Kaatril Eeram appeals to us surely. Another melody in the album but is surely different from the rest.

Raani Naan...
Vocals: Apoorva

If you are wondering where is 'that' song which defines the slum-based storyline of the movie, it is here. Raani Naan is the Kuthu song which has been sung by Apoorva. What is noteworthy is that Joshua does not try to go overboard with a mish mash of instruments. He has control over the song with the use of the keyboard, tabla and other instruments. Raani Naan is just to add variety to the album!

Vocals: Josh, Naresh

Josh and Naresh sum up what Veppam is all about. The theme song of the movie, Joshua has given Veppam the pace it requires by giving a 'rock' flavour to it. Neerilum varum veppam.. Kaatrilum varum veppam! An apt choice to end the album!

Verdict: If you go through the playlist once before you actually listen to the songs, you can easily know what the album has in store for us. Look at names like Benny, Clinton, Shweta, Suzzane, Karthik associated with a young music director and what you get is a young, fresh and vibrant album. Joshua has once again announced that he has the talent to score delightful music. Na. Muthukumar’s lyrics are a great plus to the album and he shines brightly in many places. A lovely presentation from the talented

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