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ayyan-music-review AYYAN MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : Sureshkumar Sekar

Starring: Vasan, Karthik, Divya Padmini
Direction: Kendiran Muniyaswamy
Music: Ilayaraja
Production: S. Shekar Rajan

The film’s title is Ayyan. It is a village based film, and the composer is Ilaiyaraaja. It is also one of those films with non-stars where Ilaiyaraaja becomes the poster boy. Any Ilaiyaraaja fan would not think twice to pick the audio CD. We may never know, Ilaiyaraaja might surprise with his music in some unlikeliest of the films. Is Ayyan one?

Hey Sivagami...
Vocals: Rahul Nambiar, Rita
Lyrics: Snehan

With Thavil, Pambai and Urumi melam and an affecting chorus lines, the song starts off like a song of devotion to Ayyanar. The song disappointingly turns into a folk song of fun and froth. The sound of the orchestration is one that became obsolete decade ago. It is totally tedious to listen to it now. However, the biggest problem of the song is the totally ineffective melody .

Unmaya Naan Ungalukku...

Vocals: Maya
Lyrics: Sirppy Balasubramaniyam

The melody, the orchestration or Maya’s singing – nothing, I repeat nothing could save this song. It is totally outdated by its inherent design. It is a kind of song the melody of which even Ilaiyaraja would have forgotten a day after recording it.

Enakkenna Oruthi...

Vocals: Rahul Nambiar
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Despite those annoying synth pad rhythms and sounds, with some pure instrumental prelude and interludes, this song thankfully brings some solace in an otherwise dull soundtrack. Rahul Nambiyaar’s expressive singing adds further to the sweet, free-flowing melody.

Vocals: Sadhna Sargam and Sriram Parthasarathy
Lyrics: Kabilan

It is a song, in which atypical elements of Ilaiyaraaja in it do not matter much. The sweetness of the main melody is such. Sadhana Sargam and Sriram Parthasarathy add a soothing touch to the melody with their velvet voices and rendition. I always like when Ilaiyaraaja uses Nadhaswaram in such soft, romantic numbers, (remember Kaadhoram Lolaakku from Chinna Mappillai). Only an Ilaiyaraaja can use instruments with bold sounds in such soft songs, without ever affecting the tenderness of the melody or the emotion.

Kaatrinai Polingu...
Vocals: Tippu
Lyrics: Mu. Metha

With a staccato melody and the waltz-like strings backing, the song starts on a promising note. The melody progress beautifully in an innate path but again with the lack of the power of the real instruments and usage of synth pads, the song fails to make an impact.

Viduthalai Kuyil Naan...
Vocals: Illayaraja, Nehga
Lyrics: Vaali

A typical Ilaiyaraaja pathos number. The heft in the melody is best felt when it is heard without any of those accompanying beats and instruments.

Verdict: Now, here is the answer for the question with which we started – Is Ayyan one? “No” (screaming).

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