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yudham-sei-music-review YUDHAM SEI MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : C. Karthik

Starring: Cheran Dipa Shah
Direction: Mysskin
Music: Krishna Kumar @ K
Production: Kalpathi S Agoram, Kalpathi S Ganesh, Kalpathi S S

Mysskin is back in the limelight again. This time it is with Yudham Sei after the critically acclaimed Nandalala. Yudham Sei has director Cheran, Dipa Shah, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Y Gee Mahendra and Jayaprakash in important roles. Produced by Kalpathi S Agoram, Yudham Sei's music has been scored by Krishna Kumkar (a) K, who has scored music for many short films and documentaries. The audio of the movie was released recently and let us see what the debutant music director has to offer.

Kannitheevu Ponna...  
Vocals: MLR Karthikeyan, Raqueeb Alam
Lyrics: Kabilan

We are tempted to call Kannitheevu Ponna as yet another item number as in Mysskin's previous films Anjathey and Chithiram Pesuthadi but this song may be similar in genre but is original in every aspcte. The arrangements are simple with the harmonium notes making it enticing to listen to. Karthikeyan's voice adds value to the song and must surely become a crowd favorite for its hummable nature.

Aararo Aariro...
Vocals: Mysskin
Lyrics: Kabilan

Mysskin dons the singer hat for Aararo Aariro. This song again has very basic music arrangements and hence the voice becomes the USP of the song. Mysskin sings with a pinched voice and though he finds difficulty while pronouncing 'Poovin Nizhalo' and 'Kannukkul Kaiveesum', the saving grace is that he maintains the mood of the song throughout. A nice song to listen to!

Kabhi Jind...
Vocals: Raqueeb Alam
Lyrics: Raqueeb Alam

A Hindi song in a Tamil album, Kabhi Jind makes us revisit the past. A soulful tune keeps us engaged through the song. Raqueeb Alam has penned and sung this song. Though the lyrics may not be comprehended by many, it makes us repeat the question to ourself. Does music have language barriers?

Vedham Pudhumai Sei...
Vocals: Mysskin
Lyrics: Mahakavi Bharathiyar

Bharathiyar's words have been sung by Mysskin again. A slightly modulated tone of Mysskin can be heard here. Not a complete song but this one may find its place in important sequences in the movie.

The album changes to music mode as K gives us five theme songs to add variety to the album.

A Tale (Dark)...

The story is slowly revealed in 'A Tale'. The use of violins is just right as it has been proved by Ilayaraja many a time in the past to represent agony, pain and fear. A neat theme song which does set the tone for the rest to come.

Box (Pandora)...

Rightly named Pandora, this theme gives a stark feeling about the evils present in our environment. The magnificent use of violins in different hues gains momentum slowly as we get a feeling that the box is opening with dark surprises.

Life (Goes On)...

Starting on an acoustic tune, 'Life' is a reminder that we must set aside things that hurt us and move on... no matter what. The notes are fantastic and make us feel the pain of those affected. Another magnificient theme from K.

Chaos (Order)...

Another apt tile for the theme song. Wonder what we would conclude if these tunes were not named! The interluding violins in the first half of the song does bring chaos to mind, albeit being not very grand. Quite contrastingly, the same violins in the later half of the song bring peace to mind. Brilliant!

Hope (The Last Resort)...

What do we have when there is chaos and the box of evil is open? Hope! And hope it is when we listen to this wonderfully orchestrated theme song. Again involving the grand use of violins, the agony, pain and the helplessness in felt in this theme. Hope is surely given with the right notes in the interludes.

Verdict: Songs have never been Mysskin's priority in his movies. Though there are a couple of songs, the theme music over-compensates if there are any flaws. Music director K must be appreciated for this brilliant album in terms of music. The songs and themes are rich, vibrant and surely impactful. I'm very eager to watch how the music gels with the movie. A mellifluous debut album from K: Kudos!

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