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ko-music-review KO MUSIC REVIEW
Review by : C. Karthik

Starring: Jeevan, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair, Piaa Bajpai, Prakash Raj
Direction: K. V. Anand
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Production: Kumar,jayaraman
Vocals: Aalaap Raju, Prashanthini, Sricharan, Emcee Jesz, Tippu, Krish, Haricharan, Sayanora Philip, Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayashree, Vijay Prakash, Ranina Reddy, Priya Subaramani, Solar Sai, Srik, Naresh Iyer, Hariharan, Swetha Mohan, Chinmayi
Lyrics: Sricharan, Emcee Jesz, Karky, Pa.Vijay, Kabilan, Viveka

KV Anand, Jiiva and Ko have been virtually on the headlines ever since the announcement of the project. The success of Ayan has only increased the curiosity among fans and their anxiety was put to some rest when the music was released. Ko has Jiiva, Piaa, Karthika and Ajmal, among others, in important roles. Music is by Harris Jayaraj and we will review how much the album appeals to us.

Ennamo Yeadho...  
Vocals: Aalaap Raju, Prashanthini, Sricharan, Emcee Jesz
Lyrics: Emcee Jesz, Sricharan

Harris announces his presence with a bang in Ennamo Yedho. The song is poesy and fantastic to listen to. The simple yet mesmerizing tune is too infectious. The 'Yedho Kuviamilla' phrase adds to the charm. Karky's lovable lyrics have been brilliantly sung by Aalaap Raju. If we take into account the wonderful locations of Norway (as seen in the trailer), this song is nothing less than enchanting. Sure to top charts!

Gala Gala...

Vocals: Tipu, Krish, Haricharan, Sayanora Philip
Lyrics: Kabilan

Tipu, Krish, Haricharan, Sayanora Philip are surely a gala gala gang. Even though the song's initial moments do not impress you much, it later settles down into a nice and easy rhythm. The song does not add much to the album in terms of variety but surely is worth listening to just for the sincere efforts of the singers.


Vocals: Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayashree
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Harris' favourite singer Bombay Jayashree is back. Sriram Parthasarathy's restrained singing and Bombay Jayashree’s mellifluous voice make us want to revisit Harris' earlier melodies. Bombay Jayashree's voice sounds a bit tired at times. Nothing grand in terms of music arrangements in this song. The song may catch up on you through repeated listens and will grow in popularity with pleasing visuals.

Aga Naga...
Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Tipu, Ranina Reddy, Priya Subaramani, Solar Sai, Rap Emcee Jesz, Srik
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The initial tone and voices of Aga Naga sound like a toned down version of Harris' 'Pudhu Pudhu' song. The song talks about the passion for fashion and may not please people who are not familiar with brands. The interludes are ordinary and the song falls flat overall.

Netri Pottil...  
Vocals: Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Karky

Karky shines again in Netri Pottil. The bass guitar and the drums are just apt for this inspirational song. 'vilaketrum sudar kaatrai selvome', 'facebook "wall"ilum engal kolgai theettinom'... are Karky's trademarks. Naresh Iyer has wonderfully sung this short yet lively number. Surely worth listening more than once!

Amali Thumali...
Vocals: Hariharan, Swetha Mohan, Chinmayi
Lyrics: Viveka

Hasili Fisili is replaced with Amali Thumali here. The genre of this song is not new to Tamil audience. With bass, drums, guitar and other brass instruments, Harris tries to be different but the song takes too many deviations in the middle and hence fails to register itself in us. Not a bad song overall, but a very meek end to the album.

Verdict: Overall, Harris has tried to re-create the Ayan magic in KV Anand's latest and has achieved it to an extent. We have mentioned that the visuals may create a better impact on the viewer and this will certainly hold true for this album. There are a couple of songs that give bragging rights to Harris but the others fail to scale the same height. Ko is worth having in your personal collection!

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