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Review by : C. Karthik
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Vocals : Kamal Haasan, Andrea Jeremiah, Priya Hemesh, Mukesh, Suchitra, Trisha, Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Kamal Haasan, Viveka
After the Superstar, it is now the time of the Ulaga Nayagan. With KS Ravikumar wielding the megaphone, Manmadhan Ambu has Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Madhavan, Sangeetha in important roles. The grand launch of the audio was held recently at Singapore with the team landing there after spending three days on a cruise. This also marks the second time Kamal Haasan has joined hands with music director Devi Sri Prasad after Dasavatharam. Let us see what this album has to offer.
  Manmadhan Ambu

Dhagudu Dhattham...

Vocals: Kamal Haasan
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

The start of this song sounds like a slowed-down version of a yesteryear Michael Jackson song which forms the base. Before we get on to more assumptions, Kamal Haasan takes over. Devi Sri Prasad has used Western arrangements for this, otherwise, it is a folk song. It makes an interesting listen with drums beating to glory instead of the usual sounds we get to hear. Kamal explains the divide between the rich and poor which is quite typical of him. A worthy listen and is sure to be aired more often.

Who's the hero...

Vocals: Andrea Jeremiah
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

A sober start to the song with underplayed tones and trumpets give way to the lovely Andrea. Devi experiments with Jazz in this song. Lovely music arrangements with the saxophone, trumpets and bass drums that take us right back to the glory days of Jazz music. And Andrea...gives her full commitment and concentration for this song. With English and Tamil lyrics interlaced (Kamal becomes the hero and Zorro), this may not be a popular song with a section of the audience but DSP must be praised for his effort. The second half of the song leading to the end.... huh, no wonder Kamal said "Ennala ivlo dum pudichi paada mudiyathu".

Neela Vaanam...

Vocals: Kamal Haasan
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Lovely sounds of violin welcome you to the blue sky. It is Kamal's show again in Neela Vaanam. Soaked in pathos Neela Vanam is simple but grand while listening. Kamal's high-pitched voice literally overtakes the music. "Naam vaazhntha vaazhvukku saandravathu... innoru uyir thaanadi".. shows Kamal's passion towards his love interest. The classical interludes with tabla and chimes are exquisite. Surely will evoke the right emotions when heard more!

Mukesh, Suchitra
Lyrics: Viveka

Three different songs and just when you are missing DSP, he assures he has not gone anywhere. A kuthu song adds more variety to the platter. Mukesh and Suchitra sing this effortlessly and this song is not the usual DSP kuthu song. If the harmonium sounds add authenticity, underlying rhythm beats suggest otherwise. A peppy delightful number to listen to. Definitely a crowd favourite!

Kamal Kavidhai...

Vocals: Kamal Haasan, Trisha
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Most awaited number of the album. The initial reaction is that Trisha's pronunciations could be a little better but the girly voice catches up with you. Kamal is one of the very few who can discuss and convey tabooed social messages without leaving a smirk on the face. "Aadayai kalaigaiyil kooduthal pesinal.. anubavam mikkaval echarikkai, kalavi mudintha pin kidanthu pesinal... kaadhalai maaridum echarikkai"... is testimony to his writing. While Trisha speaks about the state of women, Kamal talks about a woman's prayers about her wishes. Listen very carefully to the lyrics. Adorable!

Theme of MMA...

The essence of the movie is best conveyed with choirs. Racy with a sprinkling of French lyrics here and there. DSP's rhythm machines would have been happier if this has continued for a little while but just the right theme for the movie.

Manmadhan Ambu...

Vocals: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Is there a DSP album where he has not sung a song? This song might be familiar to the few who have watched the trailer. Manmadhan Ambu is youthful and fresh. DSP is in full swing in this song with beats and many other instruments. A fusion of pop, folk and rap, Man Madhan Ambu (the names of the three pivotal characters?) is exciting to say the least. Sure to top the charts!


Overall, DSP can be very proud of this album as he has deviated from his normal offerings. A westernised folk song, jazz, melodies, a poem and a kuthu...an album could not ask for more variety and DSP has delivered. Though the music gets a little heavy at times, he has Kamal, with his voice and lyrics, to save him. The new experiments shows his maturity and his intention for being innovative. With the movie's release soon, the songs must be playing non-stop on air.

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