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Review by : C. Karthik
Music Director : Vidyasagar
Vocals : Karthik, Swetha, Arivumathi, Jassie Gift, Maya, Anweshaa, Madhu Balakrishnan, Kirthi Sahathiya, Sudha Ragunathan
Lyrics : Arivumathi, Viveka, Yugabharathi
Produced by Karthik Nagarajan, Mandhira Punnagai is the launchpad for debutant Karu Palaniappan as an actor. He is also the director of this movie which has Meenakshi, Maheshwari and Santhanam in other important roles. Music has been scored by Vidyasagar and the audio was launched recently at the PVR cinemas in Chennai.

Satta Sada Sada
Vocals: Karthik, Swetha

Lyrics: Arivumathi

  Mandhira Punnagai
Satta sada sada starts off with complicated lyrics and later eases into a lovely melody. Sung by Karthik and Swathi, the song is free flowing but has nothing special to mention. It has the usual Vidyasagar stamp marked on it. Good start to the album!

Thanni Poda Vaappa...

Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: Viveka

Call it rap, call it whatever but we are introduced to a cocktail of various alcoholic names only to be taken over by Karthik. We can sense a feeling of déjà- vu right from the time the beats start to dominate. Not sure where this will fit in the otherwise sober album. Just a meagre attempt to satisfy the gallery!

A remix of the same in the album does not add any additional value.

Enna Kuraiyo...

Vocals: Sudha Ragunathan
Lyrics: Arivumathi

Enna kuraiyo captivates us right from the word go. Sudha Rahunathan is such a delight to listen to. With classical carnatic instruments giving good support, the song deviates just a little when the rhythm machine takes over. But Sudha Raghunathan pulls it back with her mesmerising voice. A delightful song!

Anbillama Karanchadhu...
Jassie Gift, Maya
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Brass bands, trumpets and horns... a new experiment by Vidhyasagar in this song. If we indulge ourselves with the beat, it takes a turn and gets into Qawwali mode. Lyrics by Yugabarathi do not provide any additional value to the song which makes it just average. Though the sounds are different, Anbillama Karanchadhu fails to impress.

Megam Vandhu Pogum...
Vocals: Anweshaa, Madhu Balakrishnan
Lyrics: Arivumathi

Vidyasagar gets back in his groove in Megam Vandhu Pogum. Arivumathi's lyrics adds to the charm of Anweshaa's sweet voice. A very simple arrangement helps to maintain the soulful mood of the song. Madhu Balakrishnan's cameo makes it even more exciting. A fantastic romantic number which is sure to be aired more often.

Siththan Mugam Ondru...
Vocals: Kirthi Sahathiya
Lyrics: Arivumathi

Siththan Mugam Ondru is sung by Kirthi Sahathiya and starts off with heavy music and continues like that till the end. With the synthesizers in full swing, Kirthi churns out an inspirational song helped with Arivumathi. We can see moments of brilliance of Vidyasagar in the song. Worth a listen!


Mandhira Punnagai may not be Vidyasagar's best but he has delivered a couple of long lasting numbers which are sure to connect well with the audience. His definite strength, melodies, can be seen in the album. The album has variety but does not gel together as a package. Mandhira Punnagai is worth listening to and may appeal more once the visuals stick to the viewer's mind!
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Tags : Mandhira Punnagai, Meenakshi, Karu Palaniappan, Santhanam
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