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Review by : C. Karthik
Music Director : GV Prakash Kumar
Vocals : GV Prakash Kumar, Velmurugan, Yogi B, Kay Kay, SP Balasubramaniam, SP Charan, Prashanthini, Yogi B, Navin Iyer.
Lyrics : Snehan, Yegathasi, Yugabharathi, VIS Jayapalan, Yogi B.
Just as we are coming out of the Uthama Puthiran fever, Dhanush is here to strike again with Aaduklam. Teaming with his good friend Vetrimaran, Dhanush has Tapasee Pannu as the heroine in the movie. Produced by Kathiresan, Aadukalam will be released under the Sun Pictures banner. GV Prakash is back with the Polladhavan 'kootani'. We will see what he has in store for us.

Yathe Yathe...

Vocals: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Snehan

Just a few seconds into the song and GV Prakash spreads his infectious energy to us too. You can sense he is at ease singing this song. Though it is an ‘I-have-fallen-in-love’ song, we dare not call it typical. There are so many layers of sound used here and the flutes and violins in the slow-paced sections are a treat to listen to. The joyous nature is evident throughout. This one is a sure chartbuster. Replay?

Otha Sollaala...

Vocals: Velmurugan
Lyrics: Yegathasi

The mood passes onto a kuthu number. Though the base of the song is the usual beat that we have already heard, GV tries to experiment with new sounds that have not been used in a song of this nature before. It his high on pep for sure but never gets overboard, thanks to GV. Velmurugun has a casual yet different voice and it adds some value to the folksy number. It has the potential to be a crowd favourite!

Porkkalam Tamil-Rap...

Vocals: Yogi B
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

We are introduced to the Aadukalam now: The essence of the movie. The entry into the field is intriguing until Yogi B's opens up furiously to give us an essence of the Aadukalam environment. Yogi B has done it before but it takes a few listens to understand the Tamil lyrics. Yugabharathi's lyrics about competing and the way to win are good. 'Poradinal naam vellalam... vaan veethiyil kaal vekkalam' is a testimony. May sound alien to people who are new to this 'Tamil-Rap' culture.

The English-Rap, with lyrics from Yogi B himself, sounds a proper song than the Tamil version. Yogi B voice gives the song a 'rock' feeling but a subdued back beat suggests otherwise. It is again an interesting listen and may feature on air frequently.

En Vennilave...
Kay Kay
Lyrics: VIS Jayapalan

The sudden swing of emotion is a little too much to handle with Kay Kay taking charge in En Vennilave. This one could have been placed better in the album. Very basic sound arrangement and chorus used, but Kay Kay's voice is so soulful that he engages you nonetheless. We just feel it is a touch too poignant at a certain point. A worthy listen just for the fantastic Kay Kay.


Vocals: SP Balasubramanian, SP Charan & Prashanthini
Lyrics: Snehan

Prashanthini's breezy introduction paves way for the father and son combination. You immediately have a smile on your face once they take over. With very minimal beats, GV allows both the singers do the talking... ahm singing. We travel back a couple of decades as the song makes you desirous about yesteryear melodies. The tempo remains the same till the end as neither the dad nor the son take backseat. An absolutely mellifluous song! Another one which has the potential to make it to the top!

A Love Blossoms
Performed: Navin Iyer

It is blossom time in winter. Yes, Love blossoms! A crisp and sweet instrumental about a guy falling in love, the excitement he has in his heart can be easily visualised and you simply feel it. Navin Iyer must be praised for this effort, especially for the electronic wind instrument-like sounds in the second half of the song. A perfect ending to the album!


Aadukalam, as an album, is complete. GV Prakash Kumar has shown more promise with this album. It is quite evident that he has either tried to be on the same scale or be subdued and not go overboard, even if there are opportunities in this album. His experiments with contrasting sounds do pass to an extent. The songs would certainly make an impact if they are situational as there is no fantasy involved. A couple of songs would be on the charts for a while!
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