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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Satish Chakravarthy
Vocals : Clinton Cerejo, Sam Keerthan, Timothy Madhukar, Sunita Saradhy, Vijay Yesudas, Bela Shinde, Mukesh, Parthiv Gohil, Satish Chakravarthy, Leon James.
Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar, Pa.Vijay
Produced by T.Siva and directed by Sripathy, an associate of Venkat Prabhu, this movie has Jai and Shazahn Padamsee( Sharon Prabakhar’s daughter) playing the lead roles. Satish Chakravarthy handles the music department (remember his elegant ‘Leelai’ album?). With the title of the movie being what it is, it has generated a lot of interest.

Kanne Pogadhe...
Vocals: Clinton Cerejo, Sam Keerthan, Timothy Madhukar.

Guest vocals: Sunita Saradhy
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

Attractively paced pallavi notes give a brisk touch to the entire song which seems to be based on the Karaharapriya scale. The same briskness is seen in the guitar notes and the deep drums too. The song of a young man smitten by the sight of a
pretty young thing. Could take to the charts if the listener can ignore the faint ‘recall’ factor of ‘Backstreet Boys’ and a bit of Yuvan.


Vocals: Vijay Yesudas, Bela Shinde
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

This gentle melody has to be definitely relished for the very subdued and well-paced out rhythms, and the soft and showery notes from the violin, pipa and flute. The song starts off on the Karaharapriya scale and then makes a detour into Reetigowla( sa ga ri ga; ma ni dha ni;) when Bela sings. Neat imagery and polished singing.

Yaro Ival...

Vocals: Mukesh, Bela Shinde
Guest Vocals: Parthiv Gohil
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

A jaunty number, this, with robust rhythm work (lovely thavils) and playful shehnai adding the right touch to the giddy rush of feelings expressed in the lyrics. Bela is indistinct in the upper octaves. You hear Hamsadwani raga notes, but you can’t be sure, because of the ‘ma’ swara. Will hop on to the charts.

Thada Thada...
Vocals: Clinton Cerejo, Satish Chakravarthy/ Rap- Leon James

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

What a well crafted fusion piece in Maand raga! Janardhan-ji’s sitar is heady and the crisp rap bit that uses the notes ‘sa’ and ‘dha’repeatedly makes you smile indulgently. This song is all about a thudding heart. Could hit the charts too for its newness.

Muzhumathi (Instrumental)...
Piano-Satish Chakravarthy, Flute-Nathan.

A delightful interpretation of song no.2 with instruments alone. The piano simply coos. Do we hear the pipa too?


An album devoted to gentle romance. You like the fact that the music is tidy and uncluttered. Sathish’s creativity comes to the fore in a couple of songs. This cheery album certainly does not disappoint.

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