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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : S. Thaman
Vocals : Suchitra, Benny Dayal, S.Thaman, Reeta, K.R.Mathivanan, Ujjayini, Karthik, & Chorus
Lyrics : Mathivanan
Produced by J.Jayakrishnan and directed by K.R.Mathivanan, this ‘love cum action’ movie stars Harish, Uttara and others. Lyrics are by Mathivanan and S.Thaman scores the music for this film, which seems to have been shot on foreign locales too.

Oo! Lalali..
Vocals: Suchitra & Chorus

Well, the words are pretty indistinct, the guitars are heavy and so is the rhythm. This is the song of a lady who wants to pin down an elusive male object. Funnily you do get to like this number in the end, maybe because it is well put together.

Kanavugal Edhuvarai...
Vocals: Benny Dayal, S.Thaman

You almost develop a headache trying to decipher the lyrics. But the addictive rhythms and Benny Dayal’s enthusiastic singing can take it up the charts, we think.
  Aridhu Aridhu

Missing Something
Vocals: Reeta & Chorus

Such pathetic lyrics! And even these get drowned out by the heady rhythms. Reeta’s soft articulation alone is cause for cheer. The song of a woman pining for her missing one.

Azhagai Sirithayada...
Vocals: K.R.Mathivanan, S.Thaman & Chorus

A slow mournful number based lightly on the Vakulabaranam raga, but in spite of the rather weak rendering, what appeals to you is the lovely use of native drums and sonorous strings. This song, which ponders on the inscrutable thing that Life itself is, could also briefly hit the charts.

Saturday Girlodu...
Vocals: Ujjayini & Chorus

A dance number with a slight ‘hip-hop’ touch to it. Energetic rhythms, solid guitar work and spunky singing add color to this song.

Un Uyirai...
Vocals: Karthik

This song (based on Sankarabaranam raga) is all about mood invocation, with an interesting assembly of background music. It pleads for lasting peace and humane values in life. Karthik does a neat job.


Maybe the script itself needed this heavy western slant in the album. Thaman’s aesthetic sense keeps it afloat. Meant for the urban youth, this album may or may not appeal to others. If the movie itself is slick, then the songs could add color to it.
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Tags : Aridhu Aridhu, Harish, Uttara, KR Mathivanan, S. Thaman, J. Jayakrishna
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