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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : S.S.Kumaran
Vocals : Hariharan, Mahalaxmi Iyer, S.S.Kumaran, Chinmayee, Vinitha, Sreemathi, Yash Gocha, B.Suvasini, Rajivee
Lyrics : Victordas, Murugan Mandhiram.
Produced by Rajesh Gopinath and directed by Whaterman, this movie stars Easwar, Dhyana, Saran Raj, Nasser, Balasingh, Singampuli and others. Music is by S.S.Kumaran.

Eppodhu un Jannal..
Vocals: Hariharan, Mahalaxmi Iyer

Lyrics: Victordas

Rather naïve lyrics here, but what gives it a ‘listen again’ quality is the sensitive use of strings (sarangi?) and neat rhythms. And of course nuanced singing from Hariharan. Seems based on the Kiravani raga scale

Kadidhame Kadidhame...
Vocals: S.S.Kumaran

Lyrics: Murugan Mandhiram

Soft, unhurried use of strings gives a floaty feel to this song, in tune with the piece of paper it talks about. Funny, but the tinkling sound you hear in the background makes you recall the postman’s
cycle bell sound (of those days!). Kumaran sounds a bit self-conscious and vaguely reminds you of the earlier Ilayaraja.

Kokka Kokka Kozhi
Vocals: Chinmayee, Vinitha, Sreemathi

Lyrics: Murugan Mandhiram

This is a pastoral piece that extols the virtues of country life. Chirpy and lively, but haven’t we heard something in this mettu from Kumaran before? Appears to be on the Suddha Danyasi scale.

Aasa Arakki...
Vocals: Yash Gocha, B.Suvasini

Lyrics: Murugan Mandhiram

A foot-tapping piece on the Aberi raga scale with crisp descending notes that go’ga ga sa ma ga sa sa; sa ri sa ni ni; ni sa ni pa pa- -‘ etc; three minutes into the song. A song of teasing love, this could end up for a while on the charts. (Thumbs up)

Endhan Uyir...
Vocals: Yash Gocha

Lyrics: Murugan Mandhiram

An edgy but interesting interpretation of Reetigowla ragam is what we have here. Though the song sounds like an ad jingle in places, trendy string and flute bits add a touch of stylishness to the whole thing. Could hit the charts.

Singam Varudhu...
Vocals: Yash Gocha, S.S.Kumaran, Rajivee

Lyrics: Victordas

The mandatory ’tiruvizha’ number, with strong drums and pipe instruments, which also attempts to introduce a larger-than-life character. Spirited singing from Yash Gocha. Kumaran has tried his own interpretation of this number. Not bad.


Kumaran has added a nice polish to his musical expression in this album. His sense of aesthetics is strong. What he needs is more spontaneity in terms of musical notes.
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