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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Vocals : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Udit Narayan, Vijay Yesudas, Chidambaram Sivakumar Pujari, Karthik.
Lyrics : Saaradhy
Produced by S3 Films and directed by Boopathy Pandian (who did ‘Devathaiyai Kanden’ and ‘Malaikkottai’ earlier), this movie stars newcomers Balaji and Meghna Sundar. This is supposed to be a love story with a comic touch to it. Yuvan Shankar Raja scores the music for this film and the album lists five tracks.

Oh Shala..
Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yes, your mind harks back to ‘Goa’ as you listen to it, but you do get to like it after a while. Especially for the use of cello and string instruments in the interludes. Portrays the tumbling sentiments of a love-stricken youngster. The way the thundering drums take off in the last part- ‘ursaagam melum melum aera---‘is quite amusing. Could just visit the charts.

Oru Vaanavillin...
Vocals: Udit Narayanan

  Kadhal Solla Vandhen

No offence meant, but this song simply begs for Shankar Mahadevan! The rather lazy ‘jazz-feel’ of this number is not effectively brought out by Udit, who, sadly threatens to go off-key repeatedly. Plus, the song vaguely reminds you of ‘engaeyo paartha’. Hmmm, but could have some takers.

Enna Enna Aagiraen
Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

In spite of the assaulting rhythms, Vijay Yesudas lends a gentle air to this song with his polished voice. Neat notes of Natabairavi raga on the guitar’ sa ri ga ma ga; sa ri ga pa ma’ etc; pop up now and then. Nice lyrics. Could make it to the charts.

Saami Varuguthu...
Vocals: Chidambaram Sivakumar Pujari (!!!) and chorus

Ha, ha ,ha, ha! This tongue-in-cheek number has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with love! Just listen to the lyrics. But, why did the lightheartedness spill over into the sruti alignment too? The nagaswaram and vocals seem to clash sruti wise. This singer is an amusing find.

Anbulla Sandhiyaa...
Vocals: Karthik

Karthik pulls off another winner here to the accompaniment of airy flute notes, pensive strings and subdued rhythms. You hear the Natabairavi raga again with a sudden dart into Shanmukapriya (on the strings) one and a half minutes into the song (with a playful use of ‘ma’ swara). A very pleasant melody.


The album follows its own languorous pace. Sometimes the rhythms come on too strongly. Nothing that sparkles, but makes for pleasant listening. Though a couple of songs give you a ‘heard-before’ feeling, Yuvan , with his habitual neat instrumental touches (be it the violin, sarangi, flute-whatever), adds newness to them.
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