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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Taj Noor
Vocals : Manikka Vinayagam, Vel Murugan, Pandiraj, Mukesh, Surmukhi, Ananthu, Priyadarshini, Taj Noor, M.Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Chinmayee, M.K.Balaji.
Lyrics : Vaali, Pandiraj, Eknaath, Na. Muthukumar.
Produced by M.K.Tamil Arasu, our Chief Minister’s youngest son, and directed by ‘Pasanga’ fame Pandiraj, this film stars Arulnidhi (CM’s grandson), Sunaina, Ganja Karuppu, Anupama, Kishore and others. Taj Noor, an erstwhile assistant to A.R.Rahman, scores music for this film, thereby taking his first bow. Let us see what he has to offer.

Mannadhi Mannaru..
Vocals: Manikka Vinayagam, Vel Murugan, Pandiraj

Lyrics: Vaali

Though the song boasts of well-composed ethnic beats and nagaswaram, its sheer length makes it a bit tedious to listen to. A couple of phrases in the lyric are ‘CM-centric’! A paean to a ‘Maravar Vamsa’ warrior.

Marudaani Poovappola...
Vocals: Mukesh, Surmukhi

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

The flute and ethnic drums cater to the folksy aspect of the theme and the quaint western touches in the chorus lines provide a breezy variation. An interesting number from Taj Noor, in spite of the very repetitive’ marudaani poovappole’ line. Delicately written lyrics. The scale seems to be Karaharapriya.

Vocals: Ananthu, Priyadarshini, Taj Noor

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

The topsy-turvy feel that love brings about is amply reflected in the zany instrumental background music right through this song. A cute Tamil rap bit and nagaswaram notes add to the comic appeal. The mettu does make you recall an old Hindi hit, but the song could have a brief stint on the charts.

Suvadu Suvadu...
Vocals: M.Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Pandiraj

Lyrics: Pandiraj

The word ‘suvadu’ has a lot of meanings. It is unclear what this bit is supposed to convey in the movie. But it can be easily relished for its neat background music.

Vocals: Surmukhi

Lyrics: Eknaath

A song that reflects the broken heartedness of the lady. A lovers’ tiff, obviously. The thavil, though neat, forms an uneasy alliance with the rest of the song. A slow number. Do we hear the viola on and off?

Marudaani Poovin Meley...
Vocals: Chinmayee, M.K.Balaji

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Song no.2, sung from the lady’s point of view, with slightly altered lyrics. Neat guitars, but they don’t add to the song. Chinmayee adds her own personal touch to this number.


Taj Noor has tried to balance his music between the ‘native touch’ that the story demands and the sensibilities of the modern listener. Sometimes he succeeds sometimes the music falls flat. But certainly an interesting first attempt. We wish him well.
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