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Review by : C. Karthik
Music Director : James Vasanthan
Vocals : Sukhwinder Singh, Benny Dayal, Sunandan, Thanjai Selvi, Gerard Thompson, Padmanaban, KS Chitra, Malgudi Subha.
Lyrics : Na Muthukumar, Mohan Rajan, Yugabharathi
Kollywood's 'Vetri kootani' is back with Easan. Producer, director and actor Sasikumar is ready with his next venture Easan. With his dear friend Samudhirakani and Vaibhav in lead roles, Easan also has producer AL Alagappan and Abhinaya playing vital characters. Sasikumar has again turned to James Vasanthan, who had earlier scored music for Subramaniapuram. The music of Easan was released recently and we will see what James Vasanthan has in store for us.

Meyyana Inbam...

Vocals: Sukhwinder Singh, Benny Dayal, Sunandan
Lyrics: Na Muthkumar

James Vasanthan churns a techno number in the form of Meyyana Inbam. Though the beats are thoroughly western, the voice selection stands out. Sunandan's voice complements the other two brilliantly. A fresh, young and fizzy song about night-life in a city, this one spreads the energy for sure. Na Muthukumar stands out with lyrics like Intha iravu thaan poguthey poguthey...izhuthu katta thaan kayiru kondu vaa nanbane nanbane. Grand start to the album! Rewind or next track?

Jilla Vittu...

Vocals: Thanjai Selvi
Lyrics: Mohan Rajan

The mood reverses completely as we take a ‘U’ turn from the city straight to a village. Though this is a usual 'village thiruvizha-like' song, Thanjai Selvi's voice stands out. The instruments used are also slightly different from the ordinary. Mohan Rajan's lyrics are worth a listen. Jilla vittu just adds variety to the album more than anything else.

Get Ready...

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Gerard Thompson
Lyrics: Na Muthkumar

Get ready for some western notes again, this time with a pop-rock style of song. With electric, bass guitars and drums for company, Benny Dayal and Gerard seem to give their best. But the interludes give a feeling of being a touch too noisy. But James must be appreciated for this new experiment. For those who are familiar, the rock and metal-like sections in the middle should appeal. A worthy listen but not easy to remember!

Kannil Anbai...
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

Interesting chimes and digitized flute sounds welcome you to Kannil Anbai. James Vasanthan again tries to be different here and the effort is quite evident. Padmanabhan's voice and Muthukumar's lyrics add charm to the song. The song is melodious and has great potential to score big but somehow misses the mark. Worth listening too but does not warrant enough attention. This could prove to be the underdog after the movie’s release!

Vocals: KS Chitra, Malgudi Subha
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Sugavasi has an interesting start to the song and continues to be so. With a fusion of western and Indian sounds, the song reaches high point with Chitra and Malgudi Subha's excellent rendition of the song. The electric guitar sounds in the background distracts us but luckily the song does not lose track. A good end to the album!


Overall, James Vasanthan has showcased his broad-eyed view of music. From techno, folk to pop-rock, Easan makes an interesting album to listen to. Specific mention must be made for the choice of singers for the songs. In an attempt to be different, James Vasanthan has merged a lot of unusual sounds which give a feeling of weariness. But his effort must definitely be appreciated. Easan is a well-rounded album nonetheless!

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