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A Aa E Ee A Aa E Ee
Music review By Malathy Sundaram

Written by Krishna Vamsi, produced by AVM, directed by D.Sabapathy, this film stars Navdeep, Monica, Saranya Mohan,Arvind Akash, Manorama, Prabu Ganesan, Livingstone and others. What is of greater interest is that Vijay Antony of ‘Nakka Mukka’ fame is the composer for this film and has turned in six songs . He has sung in three of them and has done a decent job of it too! What superhit has he to offer this time? Let us dive into the album without much ado.

A Aa E Ee

Mena Minukki---
Vocals: Sangeetha, Suchitra, Suchitra Raman, Vijay Antony

The crass lyrics leave you wincing! Does a kutthuppaattu need such vulgarity? Now for the plus points: the rhythm is catchy and the background instruments like the guitar, a bit of nagaswaram and keys have been used in a limited fashion.

A Aa E Ee
Natta Nadu Raattiriyai---
Vocals: Christopher, Karthik, Sangeetha

Notice how well the short English passage at the start is blended with native rhythms. The song takes off beautifully from there. In raga Hamsadwani, it looks like. The lyrics are mercifully decent! Both the music interludes before the charanams are varied—you have the violins, guitar and the flute essaying separate passages in the first and in the second - the flute and the violin weave up and down with nice harmony. And the keys blend well too. The tavil like rhythms in the pallavi are softly replaced by ghatam sounds in charanam and you get to hear ‘jaalra’ sounds too which is soothing. Well sung by both the vocalists. Could climb the charts

A Aa E Ee---

Vocals: Dinesh, Rahul Nambiar

Again an interesting variation in the interludes. The first starts off with an attractive rhythm piece followed by instrument and vocal chorus and the second with instrument, then rhythms and the chorus follows! You get to hear rhythm pads and keyboards more than any other sound. The song itself is full of mellow indulgence, a feel-good number. Already popular on FM channels.

Dingi Tappu---
Vocals: Maya, Ramya, Vijay Antony, Sheeba and Vinaya

Well, well, Vijay Antony has dared us to make a hit out of it, like ‘Nakka Mukka’ and he proclaims at the beginning of the song

‘this is another hit’! he seems to believe in jolting the listener into attention with meaningless words at the start of a song! The lyrics are simple and urge us to accept life for what it is with its ups and downs. Lot of synthesized sounds here.

Kanni Vedi---

Vocals: Sangeetha,Vijay Antony

Not an original tune - a love duet with robust sentiments. The way the keys and guitar follow the singers’ voices in the song, is quite good. A pleasing bit of sax and some nice violins. No harsh rhythms here too.

Tappo Tappo---
Vocals: Bakshi, Sulabha

A duet sung with gay abandon and some interesting rhythms blended into the song. Seems conceived on the Karaharapriya scale. Some lovely use of sax, violins , flute and keyboards. And the speedy vocal humming that goes like’ sari sari saani, nisa nisa nidha dhani dhani dhapa’ is catchy! The long swara notes used sound melodious.


Vijay Antony has employed creative musical idioms in this album. The sound mixing is good! How each song is important to the storyline remains to be seen! Is his self-confessed hit in this movie picturised as well as the ‘nakka mukka’ sequence?

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