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Production: Lyca Productions Cast: Vijay Antony Direction: Jeeva Shankar Screenplay: Jeeva Shankar Story: Jeeva Shankar Music: Vijay Antony Background score: Vijay Antony

Yen Mela Kai Vecha Gaali


Singer : Hemachandra Rap : Chetan, Kumar
Lyric : Annamalai


Yen Mela Kai Vecha Gaali starts off like a pop number and then the Vijay Antony Kuthu beats take over. There is a tinge of EDM mixed well with a classical touch like in the Karikaalan song from Vettaikaaran. Hemchandra has the throw required for the song and the rap portions are okayish. The blend of numerous genres makes it a nice listen.


Damelo Dumelo


Singer : Saranya  Vocal : Maria Roe Vincent & El Fe
Lyric : P. Vetriselvan


A song that seems like it could have Stomp and crumb dance steps. It has voices rendered in a western style. There is a repetitive tune and the English lyrics flow in. There is nothing to complain but it does not attract the listener with any unique instrument or rhythm. There is a continuous use of trance and EDM in most song and it follows the same pattern.


Kadavul Ezuthum


Singers : Yazin Nizar, Janaki Iyer
Lyric : Ko Sesha


Yazin Nizar and Janaki sound good in this melody which has a monotonous tempo and beat. The juggle between the melodious parts and the use of electronic music is good. Lyrics by Ko Sesha make Kadavul Ezhuthum a relaxing melody from Vijay Antony.


Sigaram Chella


Singers : Jagadeesh, Ranjit Unni, Velmurugan, Ayyappan
Lyric : Eknath


A fast paced number in the voices of Jagadeesh, Ranjit, Velumurugan and Ayyappan. It is that inspirational push giving song that is perfectly in sync with the situation of the movie. Lyrics by Eknath are commendable but the song could have had a slightly more unique structure to make it the song “on loop”. However, it does interest you with it’s attractive theme.


Neeye Thaniyaai


Singer : Jagadeesh
Lyric : Muthamilan


Neeye Thaniyaai is the finale song to finish with from Yaman. The Violin used in this song kindles emotions in the listener and this song is clearly about a struggle that preaches a little but has it’s moments with Jagadeesh’s voice suiting the genre. A nice finish to Yaman’s album.

Verdict: Yaman has the flavour, but doesn't attract the listener to add to the playlist instantly.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Yaman (aka) Yamen

Yaman (aka) Yamen is a Tamil movie with production by Lyca Productions, direction by Jeeva Shankar. The cast of Yaman (aka) Yamen includes Vijay Antony.