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Production: V.P.Viji, Vaiyam Medias Cast: Dhansika, Kalaiyarasan, Mime Gopi Direction: Vicky Anand Screenplay: Vicky Anand Story: Vicky Anand Music: Johan Background score: Johan Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar Editing: San Lokesh Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Uma Devi PRO: CN Kumar

How often do we see dark psychological thrillers in Tamil cinema? In that sense, Uru is one of those rare films which Kollywood audiences haven't experienced in the past few years. But, has the film got all the elements to live up to the audience's expectations? Read on to know.

Jeevan (Kalaiyarasan) is a passionate and ambitious writer, whose stories are being labeled as outdated content. So, he decides to choose a new path and write a story on the genre, which doesn't get old anytime. I.e., the thriller genre. Jeevan gets the approval from his publisher, wife Jenni (Dhansika), and travels to a Mudhumalai, a hill station, to pen his story. While writing, he starts to experience many weird activities around him. What were those weird happenings and what is the reality behind all these dramas? You get to know the answers while watching the film.

First things first, we must definitely appreciate the guts of debut director Vicky Anand, for choosing this route. He has treated the screenplay in a very bold, raw and a gutsy manner, and it is definitely not a mainstream commercial product. Tarantino's influence in Vicky Anand is seen very much with the screenplay. The film takes its time to establish the core plot, which also involves a psychotic killer. People get restless till this establishment happens, and there isn't something great happening for the majority of the first half.

The excitement starts towards the pre-interval, which sets up a good base for the second half. Post interval, the suspense factor and the thrill are maintained till the place where the real identity of the psycho killer is revealed. When that suspense opens out, it would have been better, if the film ended in the next ten or fifteen minutes, but the reality was different. After some time, the protagonist's battle with the psycho killer gets monotonous, and the editor’s scissors could have been used better there.

There is a certain amount of gore in the film, and definitely, the film would not go well with kids. Uru is a film that has been made for a mature set of audience. Though the duration of the film is less than two hours, you cannot avoid the feeling of losing your patience at few places. Also, the film is very high on sounds, and it becomes too jarring and loud after some time. There are too many twists towards the film's end, and you might get fed up, as it just complicates the screenplay more and more. 

Kalaiyarasan, as the male lead is decent, however, he could have been a little more powerful, in essaying his role. Sai Dhansika is the show stealer here, and there are no doubts about that. She has got a great scope to perform, and the actress has carried it out with ease. Mime Gopi and other actors do justice to their roles with the limited screen time given to them.

Johan's background score is subtle at places and powerful at places, according to the mood of the scene, which adds good value to the film. The main backbone of Uru is its cinematographer Prasanna, whose work stands out in the film. The film is dark throughout its runtime, except for very few scenes, and the lighting comes in handy for the clear and neat visuals. Editing, as said earlier, could have been used more wisely.

Vicky Anand's idea and screenplay treatment are very new, raw and bold, but with a more effective execution and clarity, Uru would have turned out be one of a great classic thrillers in Tamil cinema.

Verdict: Uru is a dark and bold film, that could have been more compelling and crisp


2.5 5 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )








Uru (aka) Uruu

Uru (aka) Uruu is a Tamil movie. Dhansika, Kalaiyarasan, Mime Gopi are part of the cast of Uru (aka) Uruu. The movie is directed by Vicky Anand. Music is by Johan. Production by V.P.Viji, Vaiyam Medias, cinematography by Prasanna Kumar, editing by San Lokesh.