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Production: Studio Green Cast: Arya, K.Karunakaran, Sathish, Sayyeshaa Saigal Direction: Santhosh Peter Jayakumar Story: Maruthi Dasari Music: Balamurali Balu Background score: Balamurali Balu Editing: Prasanna GK Art direction: Gopi Anand

After delivering two successful adult comedies in Hara Hara Mahadevaki and Iruttu Arayil Murattu Kuththu, director Santhosh P Jayakumar has laid his hands on a family entertainer. Ghajinikanth is the official Tamil remake of the Telugu superhit film Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. Ghajinikanth has Arya and Sayyeshaa playing the leads, while Sathish, Karunakaran, Sampath and many others add on to the cast.


Rajinikanth (Arya) is born with a chronic case of attention diversion that results in memory loss. Basically, If he is doing something and his attention is diverted to something else, he completely forgets what he was doing before, thereby getting engrossed in the new work. The film deals with how this defect affects his life, but particularly his love.


Santhosh doesn't try too much to waver from the original, as he recreates all the scenarios as they were played out in the original. Right from the word go, the attempt to feed the audience with comical sequences portraying Rajini's defect is underway. But the primary drawback is when all this seems superficially staged. Somewhere, a section of the audience may get the feel of watching a series of advertisements of a product that is endorsing this defect! Santhosh maintains his style of packaging the screenplay with comedy scenes taking center-stage and the emotional sequences trying hard to convince you that they are actually sentiments.


Santhosh seems to have clarity on the fact that he is here to purely entertain the audience with harmless humorous sequences. On paper, the concept of this film is a really exciting idea and fresh for the Tamil audience. However, a debate comes into play when a question arises; How much of the super interesting idea is executed successfully? There are conversations between characters that would resemble many of those we've come across before, but sometimes they work for the benefit of the idea presented. (No, we're not talking about the Vasool Raja recreation).


Sayyeshaa as Vandana, looks ravishing, though she falls into the cadre of being that quintessential commercial heroine who somehow never seems to distrust her lover no matter how many cues she gets about his unintended diablerie. She can transform into a potential performer if she can add more expressions to her kitty. Sampath is the heroine's father and he plays to his well-defined motives. There is an antagonist (Lingesh). There's a background theme that plays whenever he is in a scene, and that is how we're reminded that he is the villain. But that is about it. Sathish's one-liners, especially the references to 'Enga Veetu Mapillai' and other contemporary jokes are laughable but one might want more of these hilarious scenes.


Arya's performance in the first half looks slightly unnatural, and it gets worse in a scene where he has to transform into an emotionally wrecked man. This could be due to lack of proper guidance from behind the camera, but his portrayal of the emotion ceases to convince you. Having seen him perform tougher scenes with conviction, this one will disappoint some.


On the technical side of things, Balamurali Balu brings to the table, commercially inclined songs that provide ample space for Sayyeshaa to show off her competency in dance. When it comes to cuts, a fraction of the viewers might prefer a crispier version of the film. Ghajinikanth is well lit, sometimes in excess. But on the whole, the visuals aren't tacky.


Verdict: In spite of an interesting lead characterization that can entertain, Ghajinikanth forgets to pack it with an engaging screenplay.


2 5 ( 2.0 / 5.0 )






Review by : Behindwoods Review Board Album Release Date : Jul 18,2018

Bar Song
Vocals: Rahul Nambiar
Lyricist: Ku Karthik

The title of the song is self-explanatory of how it is going to sound! A typical bar song, with a foot-tapping beat and a hook that you can hum along with right after the first listen. Rahul Nambiar has done a fair job, and he is pretty expressive throughout the song. Though one may feel that this sounds like a superficial rendition, it might work with the visuals and the mood that has been set behind the songs. The lyrics are very contemporary and simple, giving us something to quickly remember. The guitars power the song to the finish line and play an important role in maintaining the rhythm.

Vocals: Swetha Mohan
Lyricist: Kabilan Vairamuthu

What are the reasons for beginning this song with the word - Aariyane? Kabilan Vairamuthu gives a deeper sense to it, rather than just banking on the fact that it is the hero's name. Kabilan presents this romantic melody beautifully. Musically, this is a techno-classical fusion track, which would certainly be the pick of the album for many listeners. An interesting dub-step beat neatly collaborates with the quintessential classical tones to give a commendable output. A special shout out to the composer Balamurali for coming up with the swaram-veenai mash up in the song. Swetha Mohan lives up to the standards she has set in her previous songs and renders this one wonderfully.

Karu Karu Vizhigalil
Vocals: Sanjith Hegde and Aishwarya Ravichandran
Lyricist: Balamurali Balu


Karu Karu Vizhigalil sounds like that typical song that plays in the background when the hero comes across the heroine on the road, for the first time. Sanjith's voice is unique and it works in favor of the track. Though it sounds like something we might have heard earlier in the same context, it is just a one minute-long track which actually picks up in an interesting manner.  As a song, it might have worked better if it was presented as a full-fledged track.

Hola Hola
Vocals: Benny Dayal, Christopher Stanley, MM Manasi
Lyricist: Madhan Karky


Hola Hola is another fast-paced track in this album in which Balamurali Balu plays to the gallery! Benny Dayal, Christopher Stanley and MM Manasi unite to give the song a complete party-like feel. Once again, Madhan Karky's quirky lyrics hit the high note and when complemented by the catchy tune, you might find yourself humming it. Completely synthesized, this track will definitely sound better with some exciting steps performed by Arya and Sayyeshaa!

Verdict: Fun songs that you might often find yourself humming along with!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )

Ghajinikanth (aka) Gajini Kanth

Ghajinikanth (aka) Gajini Kanth is a Tamil movie. Arya, K.Karunakaran, Sathish, Sayyeshaa Saigal are part of the cast of Ghajinikanth (aka) Gajini Kanth. The movie is directed by Santhosh Peter Jayakumar. Music is by Balamurali Balu. Production by Studio Green, editing by Prasanna GK and art direction by Gopi Anand.