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Production: AK Balamurugan, R Bala Gopi Cast: Ashwin Kakumanu, Jayaprakash, Swathi Reddy Direction: Ashok Amirthraj Screenplay: Ashok Amirthraj Story: Ashok Amirthraj Music: Ajesh Ashok Background score: Ajesh Ashok Cinematography: KG Venkatesh Dialogues: Ashok Amirthraj Editing: SP Raja Sethupathy Singers: Ajeesh, Gana Vinoth, Kavitha Gopi, Narayanan, Saisharan, SP Raja Sethupathy Lyrics: Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu, Mani Amuthavan PRO: Suresh Chandra

Akka Maga Indhu 
Singer: Gana Vinoth
Lyrics: Mani Amuthavan

Akka Maga Indhu is a gana based item number from composer Ajesh for Thiri. The song takes an electronic EDM route and returns to folk after it’s mild deviation. Sung by Gana Vinoth, it is a fast paced positive sounding  number with minimal experimentation. Autotune has been used towards the end making it that routine item number.

Uravey Uravey 
Singers: Sathyaprakash & Ajesh
Lyrics: Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu


Delivered by the versatile Sathyaprakash and the pleasant sounding composer Ajesh himself, Uravey Uravey is a vocal feast. Lyrics by Vairamuthu are really good and the song is a soulful melody with Ajesh ruling the high pitch and peak portions. Simple instruments like strings and guitar help enhance this number that has a very pleasant tune and a slightly variable rhythm.

Yaavum Needhaaney 
Singer: Ajesh
Lyrics: Mani Amuthavan


There is more of singer Ajesh than the composer Ajesh in this melancholy melodious number. It has a very beautiful use of instruments like strings, flute and piano that give the song the emotional quotient to stir up feelings of the listener. A slow number that could grow on you if you are ready to accept the mood and situation. Ajesh has put his heart into the singing and it is a very presentable composition too!

Dhillirukku Tholodu (Music by Thaman.S) 
Singers: Sai Sharan, Nivas & Deepak
Lyrics: Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu


Music director Thaman.S has composed this one number Dhillirukku Tholodu for Thiri. Sung by Sai Sharan, Nivas and Deepak, it is that inspirational song carrying words of positivity in a folk backdrop. It has the usual Kuthu beats of folk songs and the lyrics by Vairamuthu might be the special mention. The percussions, synth and loud vocals dominate this Thaman number.

Vaetta Pen Vaetta
Singers: Kavitha Gopi & Narayanan
Lyrics: Mani Amuthavan

Another high energy attempt at making an interesting item/ folk song from Ajesh. Kavitha Gopi has the energy to carry forward such a number and Narayanan sounds very different with his unique rendition. However, the track is just loud and not very different from the usual numbers of it’ style. The energy alone does not captivate the listener as much as an innovative folk number would.

Uravey Uravey (Reprise) 
Singers: Thilak anand & Ajesh
Lyrics: Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu

This is just a reprise version of the Sathyaprakash number Uravey Uravey. This song has been crooned by Thilak Anand and Ajesh. Yet another piece of melodious beauty from Ajesh. He is comfortable composing the soulful melodies and the song is very similar to it’s original when it comes to beats and instruments.

Kannu Rekha 
Singer: S.P. Raja Sethupathi
Lyrics: Mani Amuthavan

Kannu Rekha is the last number of the Thiri album by composer Ajesh. Completely sung in an autotune by S.P Raja Sethupathi, it has lyrics by Mani that rhyme pretty well. The song starts off just like the other folk numbers or item numbers of this album but the Magudi, Kazoo and rap make it slightly different. A decent listen for those who like this genre. The hook and loop are pretty attractive in this number and it is a nice finish to the album.

Verdict: Ajeesh scores well with his melodies, but the folk numbers could have been better!


3 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )



Thiri (aka) Thirii

Thiri (aka) Thirii is a Tamil movie with production by AK Balamurugan, R Bala Gopi, direction by Ashok Amirthraj, cinematography by KG Venkatesh, editing by SP Raja Sethupathy. The cast of Thiri (aka) Thirii includes Ashwin Kakumanu, Jayaprakash, Swathi Reddy.