On Ram Charan, the producer

Sye Raa’s producer, Ram Charan, had earlier worked with Rathnavelu as an actor in the sets of Rangasthalam. But how efficient was Ram Charan the producer “He (Ram Charan) is one of the best producers I have worked with in my career. In my twenty-two years as a cameraman, I have come across producers (of big-budget projects) who spend lavishly for seventy percent of the production. After that, the flow of resources start reducing. But Ram Charan spent money till we finished the patchwork.


When we started the project, Ram Charan told me that this project is a dedication, a gift to his father (Chiranjeevi). We have put our heart and soul to his project." Since he has worked with son and father, does Rathnavelu find anything similar between their performances “Not at all. They are completely different school of actors. But naturally, certain flourishes and style elements are common between the two.”