Review By : Album Release Date : Mar 08,2017

Production: K Sivaneshwaran Cast: Bharath, Premji Amaran Direction: Aravind Sridhar Screenplay: Aravind Sridhar Story: Aravind Sridhar Music: Vishal Chandrasekar Background score: Vishal Chandrasekar

Pinjula Pinjula 

Singer: STR
Lyrics: Viveka


Pinjula Pinjula is easily the pick of the album, Simba. STR’s pain filled voice is beautiful in this slow, melancholy number. The theme is about a guy who has lost his love. It has amazing violin portions by Kalyan, Murali and Hemanth. The lyrics by Viveka are simple yet soulful. These lyrics connect to the audiences and this single is a stand out from Vishal Chandrashekar. The use of strings and flute are also good making Pinjula Pinjula an instrumental feat with STR backing it up with his vocals that add to the emotional quotient.



Singer: Sindhuri Vishal
Lyrics: Jude Chris

Sung by Sindhuri under Vishal’s music, Pesugiraai is a pleasant melody, but with a unique and addictive beat. Lyrics by Jude Chris are simple yet, add the pep required.  The Pesugiraai line which comes in repeatedly is a pleasure to the ears. It has a high quality mixing and mastering. The backing vocals haunt in portions.


Bow Wow Vadai

Singer: Actor Siddharth
Lyrics: Subu

Bow Wow, a number crooned by actor Siddharth is a fast paced funky song with Siddharth’s voice adding an innocent feel to it. The guitar portions are good and the song is a proper dance number. There isn’t a complicated lyrical by Subu as the song doesn’t demand much. The rhythm and tempo are quite fast paced, but the song does not have a bang at the finish.


Singer: Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics: Vishal Chandrashekhar

Another star singer for Vishal’s album! Anirudh’s voice sounds soothing in the Marandhadhae number. It has the theme of friendship with a different sort of a treatment. Guitars by Kraven and drums by Goutham are impressive. A soulful song which has a nice rock touch to it. A song which is sure to grow on the listener’s ears.


Singer: Anthony Daasan, Arunraja Kamaraj, Vishal Chandrashekhar
Lyrics: Charukesh Sekar


Sarpetta starts off with a disclaimer about the trip that awaits us. Anthony Daasan and Arunraja are the perfect choices for this sort of a song. Catchy and rhyming lyrics by Charukesh Sekar. Vishal’s Jil Jung Juck touch is prominent in Sarpetta and he shines with his experimentation. Sarpetta has a likeable tune making it a feel good song. An anytime listen by the young composer.

Verdict: Vishal Chandrashekar does it again with his uniqueness and experimentation! Simba,a good blend of numerous genres reflective of its stoner tag.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )