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Production: Dhanush - Wunderbar Films Cast: Chaya Singh, Prasanna, Rajkiran Direction: Dhanush Screenplay: Dhanush Story: Dhanush Music: Sean Roldan Background score: Sean Roldan Cinematography: Velraj

Singers: Ananthu, Chorus
Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

An acoustic guitar accompanied by the piano and a charming flute is undoubtedly one of the best combinations which can produce quality and enrapturing music. Sean has nailed it in this track rendered by the extremely talented Ananthu. Selvaraghavan's lyrics are magical and take the song a notch higher.

Singers: Dhanush, Chorus
Lyrics: Dhanush

Dhanush shines in this folk song for which the chorus provides a neat foundation. The Nadhaswaram and the beats give this song it's much needed high as it unwaveringly moves forward.

Singers: Sean Roldan, Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics: Selvaraghavan

The strings and the Flute take over this track and lift it to a whole new level with Sean and Shwetha Mohan rendering the song in their own wonderful style. Consistent variations backed by the percussions helps this track to score.

Veesum Kaathodathan
Singers: Sean Roldan, Anthony Daasan
Lyrics: Raju Murugan

Anthony Dasan's interesting tone adds to Sean's captivating voice in this folkish rock song. Fascinating usage of instruments like the Darbuka and the Kanjira has helped the track attain its uniqueness.

Venpani Malare (Male)
Singers: Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Dhanush

The introduction of the beautifully orchestrated strings, Sean Roldan's voice, and the sweet classical touch takes the song to a whole new level and ultimately becomes the pick of the album. The Tabla provides the base for the song along with the mesmerizing strings while the graph of the song is consistently high. Dhanush proves his mettle with the pen in this track.

Venpani Malare (Female)
Shwetha Mohan
Lyrics: Dhanush

Shwetha Mohan's voice replaces Sean's with the exact same background music. Swetha's rendition is wonderful yet doesn't match that of Sean Roldan.

Verdict: A musically brilliant album with fervently composed tracks
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Powerpaandi (aka) Powerpandi

Powerpaandi (aka) Powerpandi is a Tamil movie with production by Dhanush - Wunderbar Films, direction by Dhanush, cinematography by Velraj. The cast of Powerpaandi (aka) Powerpandi includes Chaya Singh, Prasanna, Rajkiran.