Release Date : Jan 01,1970
Pathayiram kodi
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Muktha Srinivasan
Cast: Dhruv Bhandari, Kanishka Soni, Madalasa Sharma, Vivek
Direction: Srinivasan Sundar
Music: GD Prasad, KS Manoj

There were talks that Pathayiram Kodi was based on Nira Radia, a political lobbyist famous for her association in the 2 G spectrum case. But there is not even a faintest semblance of similarity of either the case or Nira Radia with Pathayiram Kodi directed by Srinivasan Sundar.

Pathayiram Kodi is about a wealthy lady who loses all her black money, gold biscuits and diamonds to a bunch of college kids who loot her wealth with the help of spray that can make people go invisible. Vivek is the CB CID who is on the trail of these students with a bunch of asinine cops.

The police force is depicted as completely vacuous and the man who leads the bunch also appears no more intelligent than the team that he is leading. And his superior Madhan Bob is worse. Crime detection appears to be a silken affair for Vivek and he solves all the cases without much sweat despite having cartoonish assistants. The best example being the biriyani and curd rice in a kidnap case!

There is no depth in characterization and falling in love for the hero and heroine is also very simple. Sample this- hero watches heroine performing high jumps and he hands her a love letter in the next shot but she expresses that it is only her dad’s words which are defining. And so, hero meets the dad when the daughter-dad duo is jogging in the beach and the father says OK just like that and the Cupid hit couple lands in some scenic locale to sing and jive. If only life could be as simple and uncomplicated as this!

There is no serious conflict in PK. Everything is very easy in the film as most of the scenes are constructed in this manner and after a point, you realize that the best option is to laugh at this rather than question the logical sense.

Although Vivek is responsible to make you laugh, his jokes for most parts are dated and he just does his usual bit. Hero Dhruv and heroine Madhalasa appear and perform like Hindi television serial artists while Dhruv certainly dances well and he is very sincere in his role. Kanishka as the wealthy lady has a dance number with Vivek but fortunately, dancing is completely taken care of by the lady while Vivek just strolls around her. As Vivek’s imbecile assistants, Cell Murugan and Alwa Vaasu do their duties.  

The technical work is sub-par and the team has not even bothered to remove the purple tint that appears in most scenes. Music by K S Manoj and G D Prasad are just about ordinary.

Perhaps children may find the antics associated with an invisible spray appealing. There are times when we don’t mind being silly and laugh at stupid jokes. Pathayiram Kodi could be one such film. You know the gags are inane and childish but still you may laugh for some time. This is strictly a no-brainer of a flick and the movie does not take itself seriously at all and so why should you?

Verdict: Humorous in parts but mostly silly



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