Release Date : Jan 04,2013
Kalla Thuppaakki
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Sivakasi C. S. Murugesan
Cast: Kutty Anand, Savanthika
Direction: Logiyaas
Screenplay: Logiyaas
Story: Logiyaas
Music: S. K. Balachandran
Background score: S. K. Balachandran

After ten minutes into Kalla Thuppaakki, you start wondering why there was such a hullaballoo about the title issue with the Vijay starrer Thuppaakki as the film stands nowhere near any decent celluloid enterprise and once the movie ends, we get the answer that only such a buzz could have helped Kalla Thuppaakki with at least a few number of visitors.

Directed by Logiyaas with quite a lot of newcomers, Kalla Thuppakki attempts to convey something but sadly, it does not understand itself and makes hardly any sense of the 150 minutes of the screen time. The title card introduces all the actors as future MGR, Sivaji, Kamal, Rajni and Ajith and our best wishes for the dreams to come true!

The film opens up with petrified downward glares of five children and when the camera freezes on the direction of their gaze, we are shown a bunch of rowdy elements with flowing tresses, menacing looks and in short all those typical types whose patent we have been holding on to for quite some time. Then there is a big chase, everybody chasing everyone and we are completely flummoxed as to who is bad and who is good and on whose side we should be. And this confusion persists till the end credits.

Later the film moves to a village near Sivakasi where there are five students in different age groups who appear to be frightened of a P T teacher who is returning that day after 3 months of suspension and we are told that these boys are the reason for his suspension. So there are these five students, PT sir, a headmaster, PT sir’s daughter and the film hops between these characters and the rowdy elements and a search for a prized gun about whose owner we are never told till the end of the film. It remains a mystery! 

Kalla Thuppakki does not have a single coherent thought, forget a full story. The scenes appear in a mish mash style and the jumpy narration does not help one bit. There is quite a bit of indifference of the director towards his story that is clearly annoying. In fact Logiyaas shocks you with a juvenility in his screen play which results in the least engrossing quotient.

Performance of the cast members is another subject of frustration. The dialogue delivery, body language and the entire process suggest a very nascent stage. The only saving grace, if at all there is one, is Sampath Ram who tries to do some justice to his role but with the script not helping him one bit, the poor actor is helpless and is clueless about what is happening around him.

Technically, Kalla Thuppaakki is below par. Music by Balachander is noisy and is an aural sore. Camera work of Vasanth leaves a lot to be desired and same goes for editing too. 

To sum it all, Kalla Thuppaakki is unbelievably inane and is a tiring watch and makes you wonder what the director was smoking to come up with such claptrap.

Verdict: A dummy gun!