Release Date : Nov 23,2012
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Kumutha Movies
Cast: Joshna, Kanja Karuppu, Suri, Vijith
Direction: Vinod Raghavaa
Music: Ishaan Dev

Newcomer Vinod Raghavaa’s Kai features debutante Vijith and Joshna in the lead and the film has been produced by Kumutha Movies.

The film is about two brothers, who lose their mother at a very young age. The elder one, Kai played by Bose Venkat, turns a goon in order to earn a living and to take care of his brother. The younger brother, played by Vijith falls in love with Joshna, sister of the Assistant Commissioner, who is on a mission to bring down Kai and his boss, Guruji. What follows after this is Kai in a nutshell…

Or that is what we think the story is. The director has stuck on to the commercial template that consists of sentiments, actions, romance, glamour and comedy.

Vadivukkarasi’s presence is a surprise in the film, but the sad thing is that the talented actress hasn’t been given enough scope to perform. Talking about acting, both Vijith and Joshna have a long way to go and have lots to learn. The presence of Parotta Soori and Kanja Karuppu doesn’t add any entertainment to the film. But, Venkat, who plays Kailash aka Kai does a decent job and so does Sharan Raj, who plays the Assistant Commissioner.

What shadows their performances is the logical loop holes surrounding their characters. There seems to be a number of side stories that hang loose from the main story line.

It is good to listen to Dr Yesudas after a long time, but Ishaan Dev’s music isn’t good enough for him. Almost every dialogue has a background score and they are all noisy and irksome. Cinematography and editing lack professionalism. The film is blurry at parts and it feels like watching a 3D film without the appropriate 3D glasses.

Overall, director Vinod, despite having a few experts in hand, has come up with a dull product.

Verdict: You may safely skip this one




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