Release Date : Dec 24,2015
Pasanga-2 (aka) Haiku review

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Production: 2D Entertainment
Cast: Amala Paul, Bindu Madhavi, Karthik Kumar, Ramdoss, Suriya
Direction: Pandiraj
Screenplay: Pandiraj
Story: Pandiraj
Music: Arrol Corelli
Background score: Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Balasubramaniam
Dialogues: Pandiraj
"There was once a baby bird, a very active one. But the baby bird wasn't like the other baby birds of the community. So the parent birds of the other 'normal' baby birds pointed out to the parents of the active baby bird that it needs special attention and cure. Taking their word for it, the parent birds took their baby bird to different schools and doctors, but no one could give a solution the parents wanted to hear. Knowing not what to do with their kid, the parents put the baby bird in a hostel. The baby bird found another sad little baby bird like herself, who shared the same story as her. The two baby birds grew close and one day escaped the hostel. They found another friend outside the hostel, who took them to his wonderful parent birds - mother, a teacher and father, a psychiatrist," narrates Nayana, one of the two main characters in the movie, on the stage welling up like a stream. Child artiste, Vaishnavi, who plays Nayana makes the strongest impact with that dialogue and also makes that sequence strongest point in Pandiraj's Pasanga 2.  
Nishesh, who plays Kavin, also scores throughout, but his strongest points being his dance performance in the end and his little hyperactive antics that keep kindling chuckles. Thanks to Nishesh, Vaishnavi and the rest of the kids, the film brims with innocence.
On the rear side,  Karthik Kumar, Bindhu Madhavi, Ramdoss and Vidya Pradeep as sloppy parents look apt. As parents,  who neither complements nor have the ability to appreciate or even acknowledge the high energy of their  children, the four actors have done commendably well.
To acknowledge and support a good script is one thing. But being top stars, agreeing to play supporting roles, requires great sense of regard and appreciation towards art of good cinema. Firstly, kudos to Suriya and Amala Paul. Not only have they brought in their brands into the film, but also high spirits, good intentions and heartfelt performances.
If it is the kids, Suriya and Amala Paul who spread liveliness through performance, it is Arrol Correli, who contributes immensely to the mood through his spirited music. The song Chhota Bheema is a treat to the ear buds and eye balls too. Cinematographer Balasubramaniem's 360 degree shots in the song are exciting and animated. His shot of the kids applauding during the establishment of 'Pasanga 2' title marks height of innovative framing.
Editor Praveen KL must have had the hardest job in hand - to chop off the shots involving those amazing kids that were ruled unnecessary, if there were in fact any. However, his cuts were as usual flawless and smooth, making it very comfortable for the audience to watch.
One must definitely appreciate director Pandiraj's competence in skilfully handling scripts revolving around kids and kids themselves. To make the children understand of their character and extract incredible performances need exemplary conviction and unimaginable level of patience.
On the downside though, Pasanga 2 is predictable, has a few dialogues that sounds merely like reading out facts. But the film is high on emotions, which compensates for the shallow story.  
All that being, Pasanga 2 is definitely a feather in Pandiraj's hat and a venture Suriya can be immensely proud of, as co producer. 
Verdict: Do a favor to Tamil cinema, watch Pasanga 2, let other superstars try what Suriya has!
( 3.5 / 5.0 )


Pasanga-2 (aka) Haiku

Pasanga-2 (aka) Haiku is a Tamil movie with production by 2D Entertainment, direction by Pandiraj, cinematography by Balasubramaniam. The cast of Pasanga-2 (aka) Haiku includes Amala Paul, Bindu Madhavi, Karthik Kumar, Ramdoss, Suriya.