Release Date : Dec 24,2015
Bhooloham (aka) Boologam review

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Production: Venu Ravichandran
Cast: Ganja Karuppu, Jayam Ravi, Nathan Jones, Ponvannan, Prakash Raj, Trisha Krishnan
Direction: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Screenplay: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Story: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Music: Srikanth Deva
Background score: Srikanth Deva
Cinematography: S. R. Sathish Kumar
Dialogues: SP. Jhananathan
Editing: N. Ganeshkumar, V.T.Vijayan
Art direction: A.R. Mohan
Stunt choreography: Larnell Stovell Jr., Miracle Michael
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Aslam Mustafa, Chinmayi, Ebi, Fefsi Doss, Haricharan, MC Vickey, Mukesh, Naveen Madhav, Sree Tamizh, Tupakeys, Vaishali
Lyrics: Parinaman, Sree Tamizh, Vijay Sagar
PRO: Suresh Chandra
Distribution: Aascar Films Ravichandran

To deliver a wholesome package, diligent work in all the phases of production is a mandate while filmmaking. With Jayam Ravi starrer Bhooloham, the threat is in its production and post- production phase. Though the director’s table (Pre-production) looks very confident in scripting and planning, something has troubled the process and has led to a disturbance in the overall output. Read on to analyze the disturbances and the strong points that make Bhooloham a harmless one time watch.

This film narrates the tale of a boxer, Bhooloham played by Jayam Ravi hailing from the north Madras region and the atrocities of a private media group that looks at everything with the monetary lens.

Jayam Ravi is becoming that artist who has attained understanding of the craft and its purpose. The massive effort he has taken in terms of building his physique, attaining that originality in body language and delivering the dialogues in Chennai slang without any glitch is supremely evident and demands an applaud too. Trisha does not appear in a just any other heroine character though the trailer might suggest that. When given a closer look, her character has a good purpose but the forced glamorous quotient could have been avoided as it fails to add any value to the process of narration.

The casting idea is flawless, from Prakash Raj, Ponvannan, Shanmugarajan to Nathan Jones, every artist fits appropriately into the proposed character sketch. The dialogues in the second half remind us of the Peranmai, Nimirndhu Nil and Thani Oruvan Jayam Ravi in a good way. The basic skeleton of the story is also impressive. These are the reasons why one can confidently declare the efficiency of the director’s table in the pre-production process of this film.

The climax episode featuring the significant boxing match looks real in all the aspects. Pseudo heroism or drama has been avoided that enhances the believability and acceptance of the viewer. Though this episode goes on for a long time, as an experience, it engages well without any lag.

Indian films are majorly backed by the department of music. One of the major drawbacks of this Kalyanakrishnan’s directorial is Srikanth Deva’s music. The songs and the BGM have a wide scope for betterment. Repetitive usage of a template sound loop for each particular character in the BGM troubles the overall experience in a big way.

As the film happens in a region known for its raw nature, SR Sathish Kumar’s work with the camera makes every frame authentic. 

To sum up, if the team had taken care of consistency issues in the narration, Bhooloham would have turned out a better product. 

Verdict: Bhooloham fails to knock-out but manages a slight punch!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Bhooloham (aka) Boologam

Bhooloham (aka) Boologam is a Tamil movie with production by Venu Ravichandran, direction by N.Kalyanakrishnan, cinematography by S. R. Sathish Kumar, editing by N. Ganeshkumar, V.T.Vijayan. The cast of Bhooloham (aka) Boologam includes Ganja Karuppu, Jayam Ravi, Nathan Jones, Ponvannan, Prakash Raj, Trisha Krishnan.