Review By : Release Date : Mar 24,2017 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 20 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Manobala Picture House Cast: Bhanu, Bobby Simha, Charlie, Guru Somasundaram, Keerthy Suresh Direction: Adam Dasan Screenplay: Adam Dasan Story: Adam Dasan Music: Ajesh Ashok Background score: Ajesh Ashok Cinematography: KG Venkatesh Editing: SP Raja Sethupathy Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan Distribution: Abi And Abi Pictures

Paambhu Sattai, the Bobby Simha - Keerthy Suresh starrer has finally seen the light after repeated postponements. The film's teaser, trailer, and promos were promising enough. Has the film lived up to its expectations like how the trailer promised?

Dhakshna (Bobby Simha) is a lower middle class youngster, who is living along with his sister-in-law (Banu) after his brother dies in an accident. He falls in love with Veni (Keerthy Suresh), but to marry her, he has to arrange second marriage for his sister-in-law and needs money. How will he get that money? A money mafia group uses this situation to make Bobby as their scapegoat. Does Bobby realize their plan and escape from them? Or will he get trapped in their plan? How does he get the money he needs? Paambhu Sattai deals about the extent one might go for the need of money. 

Bobby Simha has delivered a convincing performance with various emotions. Keerthy Suresh, as usual, scores with her pretty expressions, however, she doesn’t have much to do in this film. There are two intense quality artists in the film, Charlie and Guru Somasundaram who deliver neat performances, adding value to the cast. Motta Rajendran, fortunately, doesn’t irritate or annoy you as his role is more of a supporting character.

The first thirty minutes of the movie comprises only of the hero following the heroine and making her fall in love, and the majority of the first half is eaten up by commercial romantic portions with two love songs. Only towards the interval, the main crux is told, and it sets up a good base for an interesting second half. Unlike the first half, the latter half solely moves on the film’s plotline. However, it isn’t that interesting. The narration could have been much better, as you do not feel the connect at many places. The film’s production value isn’t that big, and it is very much evident in the making.

Two of the major highlights of the film are its dialogues and some emotional moments. Charlie’s explanation of the travel of one grain of rice is noteworthy and appreciable. Not just that, there are many more places, where the dialogues work well, both in humor and intense scenes. There are also scenes dealing with human values and relationships, which are likable.

Ajesh’s songs, ‘Neeyum Naanum,' and ‘Nee Uravaaga,' are hummable and pleasant to hear. However, the same is not replicated in the background score, and one might feel that the BGM could have been better to elevate the scenes, especially in serious ones involving the money mafia gang. K.G.Venkatesh’s visuals and Raja Sethupathi’s cuts are average and could have been handled with a lot more care.

Director Adam Dasan’s writing has been uneven as his narration falls flat at places, and wanders around, without knowing where to move about. He could’ve been clearer on what he wanted, and concentrated solely on that. But the director knows the knack of connecting to audience’s emotions, and the scenes pertaining to that work well.


Verdict: A promising plot let down by slow and predictable screenplay with commercial compromises


( 2.25 / 5.0 )




Paambhu Sattai‬ (aka) Paambu Sattai

Paambhu Sattai‬ (aka) Paambu Sattai is a Tamil movie with production by Manobala Picture House, direction by Adam Dasan, cinematography by KG Venkatesh, editing by SP Raja Sethupathy. The cast of Paambhu Sattai‬ (aka) Paambu Sattai includes Bhanu, Bobby Simha, Charlie, Guru Somasundaram, Keerthy Suresh.