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Production: Shamayalaya Creations Cast: Shanthanu Baghyaraj, Srushti Dange Direction: Athiroopan Screenplay: Athiroopan Story: Athiroopan Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Mupparimaanam is a Tamil film starring Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Srushti Dange in the leads. It is directed by Adhiroopan and music composed by GV Prakash. Lyrics have been penned by  Na.Muthukumar, Kabilan and Yugabharathi.


Sokki Poraan  


Singers : Al Rufian, Maalavika Sundar


GV Prakash kicks start this album with a love based song that has Al Rufian and Maalavika’s voices. The beats are medium paced and the tempo is quite high for a love song. Percussions are attractive and the flute also flows in here and there. A pleasing number for melody and folk lovers that has a very beautiful ending.

Kannodu Kannodu 


Singer : Sathya Prakash


Versatile singer Sathya Prakash is back with Kannodu Kannodu. The autotune is evident and there is a use of electronic music too. A template love song that is from a guy’s point of view. The EDM seems a little overdosed and Sathya Prakash is a big USP for Kannodu Kannodu. The repetitive tune is catchy and hummable.

Uyirile Uyirile  

Singer : Vijay Prakash


GV Prakash strikes with Uyirile Uyirle! The beautiful violin and ghatam are impressive. Vijay Prakash sounds nice too and the tune is unique for a melody. The song has individuality apart from being an amazing composition. The instrumental portions along with a well woven composition and a good voice is all that’s needed to be winner.

Yaar Ivano 


Singer : Santhosh Hariharan


Yaar Ivano is a high octane number for which GV has chosen the rock genre. The use of guitar is good and the song is full of positivity. A situational song with a blend of few genres. There is again a use of EDM that could have been mellowed down to get the flow and feel of a high energy inspirational song. It fantasises the hero and Santhosh delivers well with his voice.

Let's Go Party 


Singers : GV Prakash Kumar, Varun Parandhaman Rap: MC Vickey


The party promo single song which had been released already is Let’s Go Party. As the name suggest, this song that has numerous celebrity cameos is a proper Tamil based western party song. There is trance and electronic music taking the main domain. The rap portions are quite good and the end takes a faster beat that has an Indian touch to it.

Verdict: GV Prakash's album rides high on melody but the template EDM usage dilutes the essence!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Mupparimanam (aka) Mupparimanam

Mupparimanam (aka) Mupparimanam is a Tamil movie with production by Shamayalaya Creations, direction by Athiroopan. The cast of Mupparimanam (aka) Mupparimanam includes Shanthanu Baghyaraj, Srushti Dange.