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Production: Sri Kallalagar Entertainment Cast: Dhansika, Kalaiyarasan, Prasanna, Srushti Dange Direction: M Nagarajan Screenplay: M Nagarajan Story: M Nagarajan Music: Justin Prabhakaran Background score: Justin Prabhakaran Cinematography: PV Shankar Dialogues: M Nagarajan Editing: RK Selva Stunt choreography: Anbariv PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Kaalakoothu is an upcoming entertainer starring Prasanna and Kalaiyaraasan in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Justin Prabhakaran.

Kanna Katti 

Singers - Haricharan & Latha Krishna
Lyrics - Kattalai Jaya

The feel good album begins on folksy notes with a lovely melody sung by Haricharan and breezy support by Latha Krishna. The amazing electric guitar fuses effortlessly with acoustic guitar strums and gives a mellifluous feel. The graceful advent of tabla is another highlight of the song. The song attempts to take the listener back to the melodious era of Tamil movie songs and succeeds with flying colors.


Netri Kungumam

Singers - V.V. Prassanna & Chinmayi
Lyrics - M. Nagarajan, Kattalai Jaya

A traditionally compelling number in the lines of Hindustani raag Kaapi for the prelude chorus arrives next with sweetness and riveting violin touches. Chinmayi’s soft vocals is a perfect fit for this song which also carries a tinge of eeriness. The composer also dwells in other raga realms such as Harikambhoji gives the song a folksy and ominous feel. Prasanna’s fresh vocals is a huge asset for this number. The interludes are well equipped with strings, harmonium and lovely violin touches as well.


Engeyo Pogum 

Singers - Sriram Parthasarathy
Lyrics – Snehan

The album gets better with an innocent lullaby which speaks highly on friendship and mesmerizing usage of trombone and violin. Sriram Parthasarathy does complete justice to the philosophical lyrics of Snehan representing the life lessons in musical terms. The swift bass work is another masterstroke and the composer infuses a tinge of folk flavor despite the modern presentation. The beauty of Carnatic Raaga Shankarabharanam is amazingly brought into life for this song.


Jeevan Intha Kaname  

Singers - Sathya Prakash & Latha Krishna
Lyrics - M. Nagarajan

A riveting short composition from the master singer Sathya Prakash is greatly supported by piano touches and minimalistic bass work. Latha Krishna delivers another winner with her unpretentious and classical vocals. Despite its abrupt ending, the composition leaves a mark.


Alli Kodiye 

Singers - Sathya Prakash
Lyrics - Justin Prabhakaran

As the album progresses towards the finale, a sad solo from Sathya Prakash makes its gracious way. The haunting flute, magical chorus and slow rhythm sets the perfect mood for this melancholic number. Lyrics by Justin Prabhakaran strikes the emotional chord with perfect vigor. Sathya Prakash proves once again that he is the master of such appealing solo numbers. The song travels multiple realms in ragas such as Nata Bhairavi and a tinge of Raaga Kaanada is also heard in the charanam.



Singers - Sathya Prakash, Sharanya Srinivas & Prashanthini
Lyrics - Kattalai Jaya

The finale ends on a mellowed euphoric note brilliantly supported with ghatam, mild strings and beautiful vocals by Sathya Prakash and Sharanya Srinivas. The song offers a perfect blend between folk music and modern ballad. The interludes are kept minimalistic with simple rhythm and casual whistle which gives it a conversational touch.


Verdict: Kaalakoothu is an enjoyable fare in which melodies take an inevitable front seat.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Kaalakkoothu (aka) Kaalakoothu

Kaalakkoothu (aka) Kaalakoothu is a Tamil movie with production by Sri Kallalagar Entertainment, direction by M Nagarajan, cinematography by PV Shankar, editing by RK Selva. The cast of Kaalakkoothu (aka) Kaalakoothu includes Dhansika, Kalaiyarasan, Prasanna, Srushti Dange.