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Production: PVP Cinemas Cast: Chandran, Kreshna Direction: Elan Screenplay: Elan Story: Elan Music: KS Sundaramurthy Background score: KS Sundaramurthy Cinematography: M.Sree Saravanan

Blood Moon
Singers: Thejaswin, JP
Lyrics: Vairabarathi


Blood Moon is a rock style fast track that has heavy metal and a good use of electric guitars. The track which is slightly under 2 minutes is more like a situational theme song that touches peaks within its run through. With chants of slokas at the backdrop by Thejaswin and JP, this track is quite interesting. Most instruments are handled digitally and electronically with guitar as the mainstay.

Yar Endru 
Singers: Padmapriya Raghavan
Lyrics: Padmapriya Raghavan

This melodious track has been sung and written by Padmapriya Raghavan. Padmapriya has a very deep yet sweet voice and it adds to the beauty of the song. There is a constant mild piano that keeps you interested throughout. The tune and rhythm are also quite attractive and catchy. There is use of certain wind instruments like the bagpiper and mouth organ which are complimented well by a strong carnatic touch that holds the song together. The rain effects from the RR and carnatic strings go well. A different and nice composition by K.S Sundaramurthy.

Singers: Sundaramurthy KS
Lyrics: Rokesh, Babu Ganesh

Munimma has been crooned by composer KS Sundaramurthy himself. This song has a lazy mood and is an urban folk song. There are both the folk beats and some western electronic music that have been generated using synth. The percussions are different and the song sure is a unique one. Lyrics by Rokesh and Babu Ganesh are catchy. The variations and layers make the song quite enjoyable. The latter half especially is a delight.

Dont Funk Me Up
Singers: Niveditha Giri
Lyrics: Elan


Dont Funk Me Up starts off in an erotic manner. It has a very experimental and different mood. The music is intense and has the theme of the moon just as the movie. The supreme mixing and mastering is evident through this track and the sounds from the digital board are of top quality. EDM beats and the guitar take over this short track which has a whistle to end with.


Seettu Kattu Rani 
Singers: Jananie S.V | Rap : MC Vickey
Lyrics: Vairabarathi, MC Vickey

A blend of numerous genres for Seettu Kattu Rani by composer Sundaramurthy and this mix is pretty commendable. Sung by Jananie and rap portions by MC Vickey, this song is high on a lot of factors. The use of carnatic instruments like ghatam and tabla along with the electronic music and western beats is the biggest added bonus. The music as such is attractive for those who like high energy and unique tracks that have a lot to offer. The edm beats and loops are coupled throughout with some indigenous and native music with a slight arabic touch in minor parts.

Take It Easy Foxy
: Sharanya Gopinath
Lyrics: Vairabarathi


A complete tour into the west with take it Easy Foxy. There is the guitars, strings and drums that flow in with a basic beat style. Sharanya Gopinath fits aptly for this stylish number. The background music in certain parts is of the video game style and it is a fun number that is of the free style that serves right for a dance. Set with a medium to fast pace, it is a Take it Easy song as the name suggests.

Super Model 
Singers: Lady Kash
Lyrics: Lady Kash


When a song has been sung and written by Lady Kash, you know what genre to expect. It is a rap based proper western, stylish number again for Graghanam. The entire album is dominated by electronic music and so is this song. However, as in most of the good numbers in the album, Super Model also blends carnatic with it’s synthesisers and digital music. A song with some level of variations at the beats and tune level. Lyrics are a little repetitive towards the end.



Verdict: A stylish album dominated by western music but with a fair share of classical interruptions, giving it a unique flavour!


3 ( 2.75 / 5.0 )



Graghanam (aka) Graghan

Graghanam (aka) Graghan is a Tamil movie with production by PVP Cinemas, direction by Elan, cinematography by M.Sree Saravanan. The cast of Graghanam (aka) Graghan includes Chandran, Kreshna.