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Release Date : Mar 06,2015
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Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment
Cast: Ajay Ratnam, Deepa Sannidhi, John Vijay, Naren, Siddharth, Srushti Dange
Direction: Prasath Ramar
Screenplay: Prasath Ramar
Story: Pawan Kumar
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Background score: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnath
Dialogues: Prasath Ramar
Editing: Leo John Paul
Art direction: Vijay Adhinathan
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
PRO: Nikkil
Distribution: Dream Factory
Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan release expectation


In 2013, a crowd-funded Kannada language thriller Lucia stunned the nation in every aspect. The content was something that was never seen before. It surprised none when the Tamil industry showed its intent to remake the movie.


Coming from CV Kumar, the film is sure to cater well for the Tamil audience. Adding great value to the team, Siddharth plays the lead in the movie and in an exclusive to Behindwoods recently, the actor had a lot of things to talk about Enakkul Oruvan!


“After I watched Lucia, desperation to remake the movie developed in me. Believe me when I say this, I’ve never ever wanted to remake any movie.” 


“So I decided to buy the movie. When I called the makers to inquire, they informed me that they had sold it to CV Kumar the day before.”


“I immediately contacted CV Kumar and expressed my wish to be a part of the film. CV Kumar didn’t quite believe me when I told him I wanted to be a part of Enakkul Oruvan. “YOU want to be a part of this movie?” he asked me, utterly surprised. He was envisioning it as a much smaller film. I promised him that it will still be the film that he wants it to be, and I said I wished to add more value to it.”


“Enakkul Oruvan is supposed to blow your mind, because that’s what it has done to people who have read the script.” 


“Secondly, the message in Enakkul Oruvan is one of the most important thoughts any film has ever communicated.”


“You wouldn’t feel Enakkul Oruvan as a mere copy-paste job. It will look as if Ramar has come up with the film in his own language.”


“I like to challenge myself as an actor and for any actor, Enakkul Oruvan will be a good challenge. Among the two roles in the movie, one will be within the comfort zone for any actor and the other, off it. Personally, being believable in both the characters was the most difficult job for me.”


“I like the fact that I got to be a part of this film, just like I got to be in Jigarthanda. Even without me, Jigarthanda would have been a great film. I brought in the budget it was made on. Same applies to Enakkul Oruvan. I’m glad that I could bring in the new scale.”


Censor Certificate : U

Run Time: 2 hrs 14 minutes


Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan

Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan is a Tamil movie with production by Thirukumaran Entertainment, direction by Prasath Ramar, cinematography by Gopi Amarnath, editing by Leo John Paul. The cast of Enakkul Oruvan (aka) Enakul Oruvan includes Ajay Ratnam, Deepa Sannidhi, John Vijay, Naren, Siddharth, Srushti Dange.