Review By : Movie Run Time : 2 hours 17 minutes Censor Rating : A

Production: A Sarkunam, Nemichand Jabak Productions, V Hitesh Jhabak Cast: Harish Uthaman, Nayanthara, Sulile Kumar, Thambi Ramaiah Direction: Doss Ramasamy Screenplay: Doss Ramasamy Story: Doss Ramasamy Music: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Siva Background score: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Siva Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan Dialogues: Doss Ramasamy Editing: Gopi Krishna Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, MC Akram , MC Rude , Mervin Solomon Lyrics: Ku.Karthik, MC Akram , MC Rude , Mohan Rajan, Vignesh ShivN PRO: Nikkil Murugan

After the success of Maya, Nayanthara is back with yet another horror thriller, Dora, directed by debutant Dass Ramasamy, an associate of director Sarkunam.

What happens when Pavalakodi (Nayanthara) and Vairakannu (Thambi Ramaiah) buy a vintage car, which has been possessed by spirits? The car gets Nayanthara into trouble on various occasions, and this makes her doubt about the unusual happenings. What is the reason behind the car being possessed? Dora answers these questions!

Most of the first half is occupied by Thambi Ramaiah-Nayanthara combination scenes which are neither entertaining nor humourous. However, the scenes involving the car are nicely written and executed. The film's central core plot flags off only towards the interval, and in few minutes, post the interval, you will be able to guess how the rest of the film is going to be like. Predictability and cliche horror scenes here and there, are a little worrying. But, the second half makes up for the average first half.

There is a small surprise element in the film which we would not discuss in detail about. The film definitely didn't deserve an 'A’ certificate, as there are a few elements catered to small kids too. U/A would have been justifiable. Though the film’s flashback is a very sensitive one; it hasn’t been that heavy or impactful.

Nayanthara is the powerhouse of the film, and she has been significant in pulling off her character, thereby being a saviour of the film. Her massy attitude in action scenes, with good support from background score, is enjoyable. However, there are only very few scenes like that. Though Thambi Ramaiah's performance is good, his scenes test our patience and are not much rib-tickling. Harish Uthaman, as the police officer, has delivered a decent performance. Sulile Kumar, as the main villain, isn’t very impressive.

The film scores high on the technical front. Vivek and Mervin’s BGM works very well, and it has rendered value to the movie. Dinesh Krishnan’s visuals are eye-pleasing and neat, especially, 'Enga Pora Dora’ video song has been captured and picturised in a cute and lovable manner. Special credits to the VFX department, whose work is evidently seen and doesn't look tacky.

Though the story is very much a beaten topic, the interesting usage of elements like car and dog by Doss Ramasamy is appreciable and will connect well with the audience. Confined writing, engaging screenplay, and avoiding of unnecessary humour would've helped the film to a greater extent.


Verdict: Nayanthara and the car manage to save a cliched, horror-revenge saga, to an extent!


2.25 5 ( 2.25 / 5.0 )








Review by : Behindwoods Review Board Album Release Date : Feb 16,2017

Enga Pora Dora 


Singer : Mervin Solomon
Lyrics : Mohan Rajan


A pleasant number to start from Dora’s composers Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon. Mervin’s voice sounds beautiful and so does the catchy tune with attractive beats. It has nice instrumentation with the chorus being a big added bonus to the beauty of this unique number. Just like Neeyae from Pugazh, these composers get it right on the money with Enga Pora.




Singers : Vivek Siva and Sanjana Divakar
Lyrics : Vignesh Shivn


The Vaazhavudu single that is based on Ajith’s dialogue is a high tempo song that has vocals by Vivek and Sanjana. They do justice to the song. The Piano portions are decent and the autotune adds a different flavour to it. Lyrics by Vignesh Shivn has a lot of good to preach but the tune and the song lightens the mood. Percussions are also well utilised.


Ra Ra Ra


Singer : Anirudh Ravichander
Lyrics : Ku.Karthik


This song that has been crooned by composer Anirudh is a fast paced situational song. Clearly depicts revenge as it’s theme. The song has a repetitive beat and high energy flow throughout. It also has Nayanthara’s voice and dialogues in between. It’s a blend of electronic music and the conventional guitar.


Break Loose Theme 


The break loose theme has some intense piano portions with a haunting voice playing in the background that has been used for the sake of the horror/thriller genre of the film. It gives you the eerie feeling which is intentional from the kind of music used by the composers.

Run Baby Run Theme 
Rap and Lyrics : Mc Akram and Mc Rude


A very catchy theme music with EDM used well. It is another situation in the film that has the theme of someone fleeing from something or someone. The rap portions by Mc Akram and Mc Rude are apt for the sequence planned in the flick.

The Evil Within Theme


The evil theme carries an addictive nature with it. The chorus voice which sounds like the crazy frog is repetitve and intentional to give a strange feeling to the listener. Synth has been utilised well for this evil theme.

Search For The Truth theme


A slow theme music that has a melodious tune with some nice strings and piano usage. An unconventional theme music that has a piano karaoke version of the Enga Pora song.


This Is It Theme

Both the title and the music are apt for a finish or climax situation. It has a fast pace and electric guitar usage in the latter half of the music is good. The superior mixing is evident while listening to this theme track. It takes a different course after the agenda has been fulfilled.

Verdict: A genre specific and unique album from Vivek Siva and Mervin Solomon!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )

Dora (aka) Dorah

Dora (aka) Dorah is a Tamil movie. Harish Uthaman, Nayanthara, Sulile Kumar, Thambi Ramaiah are part of the cast of Dora (aka) Dorah. The movie is directed by Doss Ramasamy. Music is by Mervin Solomon, Vivek Siva. Production by A Sarkunam, Nemichand Jabak Productions, V Hitesh Jhabak, cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan, editing by Gopi Krishna.