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Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment Cast: Kalai Janani Iyer Direction: Rohin Venketsan Screenplay: Rohin Venketsan Story: Rohin Venketsan Music: Ghibran Background score: Ghibran Cinematography: Ravivarman Neelamegam Editing: Leo John Paul

Adhe Kangal is a Tamil thriller film directed by Rohin Venkatesan starring Kalaiyarasan and Janani Iyer in the lead roles.


Singers: Rajan Chelliah, Sree Ganesh
Lyrics: S.N.Anuradha


Thandhiraa, the song that was released as a single is an offbeat number with uniquely picked up vocalists to render for it. The whistle by Leonard is special as it adds the mystery element for the listener. Kudos to Ghibran to start the album off with an intoxicating and hazy number.



Singers: Namratha S. Aravindan, Anudeep Dev
Lyrics: Parvathy


Ponapokkil, the melody with a difference stands out as a pleasant number with amazing vocals by Namrata and Anudeep. The beats are unpredictable and the strings are put to proper use with Ponapokkil. A different yet addictive melody.


Idho Thaanaagave

Singers: Yazin Nizar, Clinton Cejero
Lyrics: Uma Devi


Idho Thaanaagave is a fusion of rock and melody and Ghibran comes up with yet another unique song. There is a cultured blend between the rock guitar and sitar instruments. An instrumental feast with amazing vocals by Yazin Nizar and Clinton makes it a pleasure to listen to this number from Adhe Kangal.


I Have Nothing

Singers: Addie Nicole, Jah Mil
Lyrics: Addie Nicole


I Have Nothing is a western song that has lyrics and vocals by Addie Nicole.The song is completely sung in English and has catchy beats with a haunting music playing by after every verse. The strangeness is the beauty of this song and it sure is a bold move to have such a composition in a Tamil album. Ghibran scores with his attractive rhythm.


Adhe Kangal Theme music

The theme music is a treat for those who like to hear intense, experimental music with no particular genre and offbeat tunes and beats mixed to perfection. An autotune of the Thandhiraa song plays at the end and the theme music turns out to be a clear winner.

Verdict: Ghibran has come out with a very offbeat and unique album high on experimentation that has worked for Adhe kangal!
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Adhe Kangal (aka) Adhey Kangal

Adhe Kangal (aka) Adhey Kangal is a Tamil movie with production by Thirukumaran Entertainment, direction by Rohin Venketsan, cinematography by Ravivarman Neelamegam, editing by Leo John Paul. The cast of Adhe Kangal (aka) Adhey Kangal includes Kalai Janani Iyer.